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Cause hubby said to post it 😏


I just thought this was really cute



Freckles vs make up



Back in Miami


the comments and looks



she usually keeps up @shanreisss


Shot my shot 🏀


the blur is a paid actor.


Reply to @.kyrpi


i played roblox for 10 years 😭


Thank all y’all for the edits for real , I be seeing them and they be fire 🔥❤️




Ayyyeee my birthday is soon!!!



pick my outfit!!




Okayyyy this is so much easier


Forgot to post this one 🤍



Comment your fav emoji💛



omg - search for LADY LUCK HQ on YouTube and Facebook for full videos




Dolce gabbana🔥


ignore my forehead vein lmao


part 2 of my useless haul lmao i am not a minor l, i’m a 21 year old adult.







here’s pt 8 or 9


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Reply to @absolutely.joseph do u want more secret wedgie vids⁉️#fyp


Drop ur number I’ll call u#fyppppp





I’ll always be a villain😈‼️


💗 Nice to meet ya, my names Alexa ☀️ follow my IG for more content! @xoxoalexa


with @lrnslife mom if you see this no you didn’t


Maybe we should have tried this 30 beers ago 🤣#cottoneyejoechallenge


with @actually.average someone has never watched Lock Picking Lawyer






I still mess up the same step


Favorite smells!


a for effort




May summer begin 😛😛




1,2,3 or 4??


⚠️Tub Overload Pt.2/2⚠️#cleaningtok




Reply to @jamez752 Dog inviting herself




Reply to @thesmartconservative1 idk why you care, but if this will make you happy..


i’m redoing this anotha time but sheesh dc: @lul.monty 💓🤗






fabuloso sink clean💚


real ones for jumping in at 60° @tay.whalen @bback806 @carmenvoeck #killa #InTheHeightsChallenge #HoldMyMilk #lake





It’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit rn. I’m dying


POV: you're 5'2 aka hot


we really don’t know how to do it 😂 @marisol.356


I won’t forget to leave it at home tomorrow 🤣


Reply to @brianscharf0 Appreciate it 🤨💪🏼


Got took down for violating guidelines which I’m calling bullshit and reposting


Time to hop in line


Defeat the summer heat!


These gas price’s are outrageous


@_victoriafuenmayor_ i miss you


What I eat in a day lunch + dinner edition 🌿


Am I late to this




Thank you all


Reply to @musta449 Charcoal toothpaste 💀


Reply to @iluvvvgiveonn






Find your state twin?!




and that’s on 4 sports ✨ 





watch them ban this one too 🙃


Ugly 😂#special


pov: ur on a date with me and i went to the bathroom because im a little drunk


@halle_pee 🍒


Bad bitch 😍😍😍😍#memorialday


swim time🧞‍♀️🧞‍♀️ @abbeymcd1




I may be dvmb..but I’m not stvpid


thank u 4 the love on the last video!! i love my toga sm! //


Wait for his response 😂😂


Answer to @drew_smith_42021 are you apart of the lgbtq+ community? 🌈



power the the flower


with @pinkmomma11 for educational purposes!




Find your state twin!


Which is it?


Just dancing for hitting 1k followers!


Swingin on in


Obsessed with this song


The best hammock.


Paris is so beautiful this time of year 😻🙌🏼


I’m gonna be posting drafts from Miami since I couldn’t post while I was there 🙄 enjoy






This songs a vibe💯



lol draft


wait for a surprise appearance by chris


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people on tiktok are sure something 😭




We back at it 😈 happy Memorial Day 🤍💙❤️





Yeah y’all thought I was about to do this whole thing 😂


Laundry day bye


the answer is yes, yes I really am.



I was wondering where my mascara went




The shorts rolled are bothering me oh well🙃




Ultimate boy dad


but we tried


wow can’t believe this work of art was just sitting in drafts






taste better than it looks



No shame in the game



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aye yuh





anti-romantic 🖤


Mother and Son duo…clearly we didn’t stick to the beat haha



let's go! search for LADY LUCK HQ on YT and FB for full game play 😉#casino





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🤑💖 search for LADY LUCK HQ on YouTube and Facebook for full videos




Sorry not that good 😖 Clips of my day! 💗⚡️#fypシ


strong 💪 search for LADY LUCK HQ on YouTube and Facebook for full videos



I feel like I might just return the dress and cry 😘


So close to that Grand!


3 fish bonus on a $9 bet


Send dis to yo gc😤


I was desperate to try this 😂😂


full videos on YT & FB search for LADY LUCK HQ 🤑🥂👄


$10G Action! full video on YT and FB search for LADY LUCK HQ


this is the cleanest transition i’ve ever done in my life thank u


pov: ur flirting with a baddie but she can see right through u



i have literally no idea what the words are



I can’t even ….


More Covid crap!


with @king.fly_rsa



it’s true


happy national harry styles in dunkirk day


what two zodiac signs made you? 🤍 || creds in cmts ||