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I did the dance wrong but oh well



[dont request pls] Toga 🖤


Romaji lyrics in the comments!


So I guess this is my thing now lol


This was sm fun lol




Excuse my messy makeup this time lol my eyes were watery 😅


no time for eyebrows 🥶🤫‼️


Toga(@sol_025_cw ) has a weird taste in music 😅😅😂



⚠️flash⚠️eee I’ve never edited toga before 🥰


⚠️flash⚠️eee I’ve never edited toga before 🥰


this one turned out kinda bad but whatever 😭


getting vaccinated today!! // thank u for the love on toga 🥰🥰//


y’all remember this trend? //


Did I buy a Uraraka wig just for this to turn out shitty? Yes. Yes I did.


can i have my reach back?? // LMFAO ALSO DID ANYONE ELSE SEE THE HATE VIDEO ON ME???//


lately my memory is getting worse than muichiros LMAYUD


When she’s a war criminal 🤩


💕 With my best friend @pa1l0rd GO FOLLOW HER 😤💕 FOLLOW MY OTHER BEST FRIEND TOO @stressedbleach 💕#bnha


Himiko Toga✨🛐#anime


Aaa I need to make new content soon! Just, motivation is low 😭


I need to make some new flowart vids soon!


Backup acc @realjxelo




PROP KNIFE- it has no edge‼️


she's MY girl