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Comment je fait ma coloration @victop879


The lewk


Dinner time 🍝 video by @boysdontplaywithbarbies1


My look for the unicef gala in Sardinia 🇮🇹


Die my hair purple 😝😝 @alicia_666_4


Glam 💋


THE CLASSIC BAIT AND SWITCH!! If this gets 100k hearts, I’ll drop the full video now!! 😂😂😂😂 @pineappleraf


saw this at walmart and decided to try it out I LOVE IT


refreshed my color split and since I've never cut my own hair, why not [email protected] eat your heart out.




Loved doing this with my friends over quarantine! @alexalasanta @jaimeadler




What do you think about my dress ? Yes or no ? 🥰


Looking for a hair change! What do you guys think would suit me? ☺️


Hair transformation🥵😍



how many licks does it take to get to the centre of a lollipop? I counted, if you guess it right you get a prize 💰


if you need a sign not to straighten your hair.. this is it 🥵



Do you like the outfit ?


Orannnnge @alicia_vibes


3 years of growing a hair been donated to princes trust


Repeat after me: Your body your choice. My body my choice.


My hair is already curling again lmao


I can’t believe I just cut my hair off for curtain bangs😭😭 they so cute tho quarantine made me do it!!


with @h_kyung_176 learn something new everyday on TikTok





The new do...


My fav place ❤️❤️❤️❤️


When I cut my own bangs.


Went from bad hair day to good hair day in 15mins😻😻






Yall love to see my hairless legs heres who I got it from🇬🇾


Photoshoot BTS @thefrwd


Feat. Mario Super Sluggers in the background


im def canon miyamura now


Haircut Continuity.


Guys this is so easy 😍😍 give it a try!


Bleach in a fresh Papercut is NOT a Baja Blast 🍾



Have a good weekend everyone :) 


back again!


it ain’t basic


lighter for spring. do you like it? 😇


This is probably the most relatable tiktok I’ve ever made. VC: @siniuta


new hair is bangin’


What do you guys think??✨ // Thank you @inhhair for letting me try out your ponytail extensions!!💞


Come get your summer hairstyles ;)


curly fros are elite


hair day is the best day


another one follow me on instagram : ug_barbercuts


100% work


Playing with @hairpaintwax vegan line!


Featuring our artist @richieelewinski3 so relateable!




I liked it before I shook my head 🤣🤣😂😂🥰


stupid striped leaves


I asked for a wolf cut *sobs*





Hair challenge 💕



PS: jai les cheveux naturels j’ai juste lissé 😏



Straight out of bed




Lovin my bangs


@lindictive let’s me play hair roulette on her




Short hair matters


Tallest Mohican/Mohawk spike: 129.4 cm (50.94 in) by Joe Grisamore 🇺🇸


Our special effects maybe better up here than in the movie Gravity.


Wash day using the finger coiling method!


SURPRISE ✨ I got even more blonde put in my hair. What do you think? #foryou


Basically just a video of me checking out my hair 😂🥴


my hair 🤝 fried 😀


Straighten my hair with me (no hands) I would highly recommend the @ghdofficial glide to anyone with mobility issues ✨


Green screen hair: the next frontier



cut my hair lol like a week ago lol


Hot girl summer ready 😅🥰


Idk lol I like this trend 🤣


Il vaut mieux ne pas s’imaginer comment j’étais mise pour faire ce TikTok 🤣🤸‍♂️


Did my hair just to stay home all day


خمس تعشقها ❤️ اسعارها متوسطة ومغرية وفواحة


خمس تعشقها ❤️ اسعارها متوسطة ومغرية وفواحة


i had to wash it like 10 times


Do your clients trust you? 😂


لكل يروح يتابعني على الانستغرام شارة الانستقرام بالبايو


نطوني عبارات لل فديو 🥺💔 +صعدو اكسبلور#شرقاط_نينوى_صلاح_الدين_موصل_الزويه


Extra Strong Product Aplication Prank W/ @kingbach


I cant wear ponytails anymore without bangs :,(


Tera fitoor♥️#foryou




i’m determined to get it right




Golden hour ☀️💛


c’est les barrettes de ma sœur mdrr




💇🏼‍♀️ fresh blondeeeee



It gets worse and worse


Reply to @_missnoname here’s the 360 babes


count how many times i touch my hair




All curlies know the lifestyle


I dyed my hair 🥺


posting a fail 🤣 but I'm still cute right?




out with the old in with the new 🤩#hairtransformation


Switch it up sometimes


@pomelo_co | Bis zu 60% Rabatt: TIKTOKHAIR | Anzeige |


deixa o creme penetrar, parte 2 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣






I can be ya fantasy 🦋


This one got my quivering 😓🥵




with @urr.destiny 👀


Most skips over in 30 secs: 60 by Laetitia Ky 🇨🇮


changed my hair.. again. Thx @annaxsitar for the inspo & @brittnierochelle for the hair


One of the biggest struggles of being a stylist, believe it or not lol🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️



bro getting his clothes washed


bro getting his clothes washed


What do you think about my hair?❤️


Don’t mind me in just doing my




Reply to @jeremiah_x0




Long hair don’t care


Ashiann boy


20lbs left 😍







#tendencias #2022 #fyp #parati #hair #aesthetic #blowout


New hair


Currently in love with the new way I curl my hair. #EveryKiss #fypシ #hair