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Hit or miss??


akibat kbanyakan main ama echan :)


jaehyuck slowmo dulu lah ngab (cr. dopamine_0214)


dance with me?🥂|






ตำนานเลยอันนี้ เเจมินอินจุนไหวมั้ยคะ !!??


Welcome to my playground



the way they keep a straight face is so attractive😭👋 the lighting WOW😩


00z collab? 👀






🐻WOW~ You can really dance~🐬









pengen jadi echan:(


ini tahta teratas diantara pict yang lain imo yall




love him sm


pov: his flirting mode is on👀


siap bgt ya Allah


manyun mulu ga bosen ap? nyengir dong nyengir


mampuss ga lu padaaa😭😭🤲🏻


gws nctzens 🥲💗



maap chan 🙏