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I forgot to cut the video 😂💙


nothing really changed...#fyp



im mfs


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with @bignino100



facts tho




with @brxndaa_2


lauren told me to do it!!!


with @lilcrackbaby7


facts. #trump



y’all remember him 😂😭



Snow storm predicted in the comments


I say no to modern day feminism.



Don’t eat croissants before filming ✔️








been feeling like shit lately so don’t mind me just wanted to feel better about myself lol



Reply to @defemation






who tryna do this ?😭😭


boy code 🖤


we can’t dance












in sync asf fuck🤝 @juliabasner


Shake, shake 🍑



I live in a different state, but I hope she becomes Cali’s governor!




goodnight yall.


am dead 😂#fyp


i didn’t expect that at all


he went for milk he will be home soon😁




Bruh 💀💀







Reply to @adriennzz the artist is faollán on !



@them and if u don’t got anyone @ ur 6 @




Since y’all wanna get disrespectful last post NOW ITS 10 AND UP OR U HAVE A ANDRIOD




Dont update your phones🤣🤣🤣#fypシ


Justice for York’s Statue!!!


what lies in my drafts 💀










I guess you leave me no choice 🥲.. follow my YT & IG


idk something to think about now 😂



lmk if y’all get it#fyp#foryou#lol#haha#share#like#copy#link




got me for a second


The list goes on and on.#fypシ







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i laugh when i do these //



Tag someone



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The fck is wrong with some people 😂😂#foryou



They said fine we’ll use it how we want though😂


Bro WTF 😂


lollllll swipe left for more



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ayos lods




it’s my birthday ❤️🥳





peep Newt in the corner (p.s. cookie to anyone who can tell me what’s on my leggings)




Did you know?🥰#foryou