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Whenever I try and go out without “gothing up”


there is no greater bond than a gay and a lesbian


I wanna dye my hair again


I have the cutest skirts🖤


This ones for all the Karen’s 🖤


which one is your fav? IG: v.for.ven


Her first tiktok 😎😎 watch her on twitch @ youfoundemo


Livestream at 50K?😊


goth struggles


with @cunnalinguist what if 🥺👉👈


I love pigtails tbh





Thought I’d jump on this trend :3


Big tid goth cop 🐷


I got major FNAF vibes this Halloween


I’ve been laughing thinking about this for at least 2 days


Comment which ones your favorite 😁


Reply to @_a.t.p_ yes this is a wig, and I look dumb in dresses


Here’s an example of me refusing to return a shirt even if it doesn’t fit me 👀😂


Blooper: @xjeaniex is very distracting




mit @little.demonboy


I can’t live without fishnet


My knees went ⬆️⬇️↗️↘️↙️⬅️#fyp


idk- lol





Check out my original song “Addicted” by me Kristinaxmusic on Ig and all platforms. Full music video on you tube


My new original song “Burial” produced by Esli Sugich



My new original song “Burial” produced by @eslisugich



I promise 🥺


How some people perceived me in high school 😂


Do you like my outfit?


still not dead


did I do this right?#shoetransitionchallenge


Using this sound again because I love this song


all i know is be edgy be commie


pov: the “ “ girl does this .


hi lol <3 p cute



I love this 🥲




makes my blood boil


I’m trying to match purple red and black 😅 skirt from @alterbabe


Watch out ⚠️


repost cos i forgot to edit it last time (≡ε≡;)



idk here's a more lewd version, featuring my cat 🤷‍♀️


tag/send to your bestie 💗#matchingpfp


ft @suckmyb2ood


Wanna fight?



always late to trends👌🏻


@isaac_._leiphart :)


True story



Public school memories...


the last one is,, a major F





Beacon 👀


Obviously NOT a Pikachu


It’s a joke you see


outfit deets will be up on insta tomorrow ;3


for you guys <3 for any ideas for makeup stuff I should do?




Piercing check ✅✨


I’m wearing so much bats lol, whis whole fit is from @killstarco


outfit deets will be on insta tomoz ;3



We did a thing 🐁


Do not question me. @rebelthebear1220


!Do not try at home! - out of practice in these



Editing it is so fun


Head jam !!





How every girl with 🍒 starts their tiktok


I’m still a potato




Been meaning to try this


literally stfu


He seemed so happy to see me 🥺🖤✨


Ironic 🤔




goodmorning civic fanbase




my hair changed colour again 🩸




accident made this on my burner:c


I couldn't take myself seriously with this one😭


the real step sis everyone wants


Honk If You love Appalachian Goth Girls



I got the Salem 5000s




true 🖤


big green flag


Ugh, I h4te people |


how I edit videos and pictures <3


We could be friends? 🧡👉🏻👈🏻


✨School fits✨the last one’s for the wknd😏what’s your favorite?


Poison Ivy vibes for my shoot … 💚🌿💚






I’m ugly🖤


Re-upload lol


life in plastic, it's fantastic


life in plastic, it's fantastic


The trans masc experience♡


дьявол @dollskill


nore you say? fine, I guess....#18


V v sleepy


I feel so ugly


Come build a work fit with me ⚔️🖤⛓🧝🏻#fypシ @punkrave @newrockoficial @fantasmagoriashop


I humbly submit my application to join ThighTok w this challenge✨


Out here sucking souls 👻





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