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I took a nap earlier so I’m up all night now 🙂💕


with @deucedevo811



sorry this is so fast, 1 minute is not enough 😩






me and the bestie be so cute tho @magstho




it’s happened too many times


Here’s 50%


Who you bringing?


bee gees >>>


No more sloppy dancing!! Let’s relax our bodies and focus on the right muscles.


drop sound suggestions to blind freestyle to


lil draft for y’all 🤍#fyp


Sorry this is bad LMAO. But thank you sm for 1k<33 | oc: heartaep cc: st |


go checkout my main @sylviasloss4


i be doin weird shit when im alone



@loeraluis07 @jarochito_16 @michuycrrat






literally //


Reply to @entertalning





the sound is too cute //


Delicious liquid microdose coffee! @javy.coffee




with @ana.sobonja don’t make fun of me, i’m trying to get better


with @johvely distraught




tryna work on my dancing




but first let’s make a tiktok 😋


but first let’s make a tiktok 😋


she’s one of the few ppl in 1-a that i would trust with a kid😭


Pool vibes with @justvibes58



They tell me I’m a god



babooty @liz.parlapiano


My type of gal hello


Like my recent on insta babes 💙#GetCrocd


Funny lol


imma hype u up till u don’t match my vibe






Shower before 🤢 🤮 shower after meh 😕 but that’s on baby waking up while cleaning!


the 🍑 for me


Who wants to be my light?


when you can’t move it in shorts 😔




they say if u put on ur video it wont get taken down sooo



I’ll redo this l8r but my cat was opening my front door in this ...😂


Has anyone actually seen the Hoover dam ? 🤔#greenscreen




maybe next time😔



whale tail vibes


I love love. @dreamyrahimy


sweet baby




Dr strange is here


i have too many draftss


y’all like the pink?


I love this audio idc <3🥰’




Reply to @user7516734053317


good morning ❤️


good morning ❤️



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what else is there to do while getting gas???


what else is there to do while getting gas???


Ya would have never known


San Diego reality tvshow episode 1 @pattyweingartner


😭😭😭😭😭GET MY INSTAGRAM TO 50k AND ILL MAKE MORE Till den im on youtube ✌🏾





Summer Vibes 🤩🌞


i haven't seen anyone do this YET 🤤🤞


To ligma or not to ligma, that’s the question


Tik tok will prob take this down so ima put @dharma.golden


I stay getting in trouble 😡


I ordered a bunch of stuff from shein should I do a haul?


i got burned




Thank that man above we still cool @meechiiegang__


don’t mind me | cc: emiliasbastard |









hot tub nights are almost over @s.bergeron12




spring break 😎








Reply to @sarajenz223 ALL the way up


another song I can't get out of my head.


for real though 😟



Beach dayyyy 😋




Happy Sunday :)


Who has more in shock... mom or dad?





Yep 😅


@stringofallmightshair you once again impact long life on a day to day basis


our spring break


LITERALLY sweating 😅 @autumn.dennyy


Oh I got dizzy there 😂 @queenshelbylynn1


Let me post this.





tried this with my arm 🌚


single handed annihilated 😗 (i’m self conscious in dis one 🤓)




i think i look like him, don’t you? 🌚


Y’all wanted round 2; workout edition


You wanted round three


Need to do this in @psdtiktok next


Reply to @gavinjon270 Unfortunately I don’t own wranglers…


Reply to @davevon1 Honestly it’s the disrespect for me


Reply to @karlnunley Y’all are really gassing me up 🥰


Reply to @coleechi1 Got requested to try the double trend. Hopefully this stays up! cred: @lexxxiiicollleee


Reply to @jamez752 Dog inviting herself


Reply to @fire_captain Ain’t wrong


Since tiktok finally took down my original video, here’s for you!