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my 2019 so far has been ruff


love themmm lolol


I think I had a glow down glowupchallenge


I think I had a glow down glowupchallenge


before and after




luv my friends sm 🥺


i look so ugly sorry


era muy fea wtf:/ cambié mucho? :)


Childhood to Adulthood💋#morph



a very special thank you to youtube, makeup, and fukbois who broke my heart y'all the real mvp 🙏🏼🙌💪


bed head to 5head



Síganme en ig: michellegarcci 🤍#fyp


If you’re from hs and seeing this, yes I know I wasn’t cool but I’m on ~top~ now.


since I have no other use for this dress


That weekend glow up✨




I’m bored


wait for it 😏.. nah fr doe new friends 🥰?




watch the glow up :))) @taylorharing1


I’ve came a long way 😂


Photoshoot w/ @alizayuh


Watch us glow up 😝😉🤩 @piques


Trust the process 🙌🏽✨




Christmas 🥰🦋


NYE look for a wild night in my room ✨


re-posting. Healthy habits people hehe.




Only fell over laughing a few times🤣


with @mahoganylox


my fave kinda transition😜


Ignore my messy room lol



Ooooof. Jumping on the ticktock wagon pretty late 😬


Ihr könnt alles schaffen wenn ihr an euch glaubt ❤️💍#fyp


Read comments below! 👇🏼👇🏼


Reply to @norah932016 wait till the end ;)


Reply to @sloppyariana could he take u out for dinner?🙈😸#art




Didn’t they tell you I was a savage?


I love this 🥲



Shoot your shot.


I love this trend


Reply to @cassdlg I don‘t know but it would be a pleasure?!


Reply to @llluvxalo I don‘t think so, what do you think?


not that hard


It’s not necessarily a glowup but still a leap into the future😍 | | 2nd 📹: @lacarspotter




Wait for it 😍




This child finna just broke the internet, tik toks broken#MyFutureThanksMe


Reply to @jakesaunders6.7l





me anytime a girl goes up into the dj booth


My favourite fashion trend


My favourite fashion trend


It b like that


Who would win?


Send this to someone who needs it😂



IG:lilmilk.69 si haces cosas buenas, te llegan cosas buenas💗


Your favorite Gemini S//@therealdracovii



You all better think that the last pic is wayyy better 😂😂


🤯🤯🤯 Oui ou non




Wear it with confidence! 💪🏻


Hoy joseamos baby @laurabravoooo ❤️🤪


на самом деле до сих пор тихая 🙃


Comparto la mayoría de ropa con mi madre. Hago el de mi padre?


Sometimes you have to be your own best hype man🤷🏼‍♀️




Is this how I TikTok?


Wait for it 😏


[ - 🐭🛐 - ] | ¿Qué idols han tenido el mejor ? 🤔 |


my hopes are high for this one


Glow up!!! Damn have I grown up!


¿Me recuerdas? 🇮🇨🥰


i need more hawaiian shirts


Radiant evolution. 🏳️‍🌈


I’m just gonna leave this here… 🤩😩#ColorCustomizer




what’s your weight ?


fr tho


🚨Because of my vacation where I didn’t trained I am still on 68kg | 149lbs - gonna include 30 min of cardio🚨


follow my IG// litassryan 🌸



current weight - 67,8kg



PLS THIS AUDIO @altegomusic


Se me olvidó poner 60s 🥺




glow up or naw???


self love goes a long way🥺#greenscreen


anyone know why they haven’t posted for 6 months? - requested video :)


kecantikkan bermula dari dalaman ✨


A year in instagram 🎊💓 took me closer to God


I used to brush my curls to school 💀(this my last vid for some time lol)


Au réveil vs en soirée


from 🥺 to 😈


siapa yg bermasalah dengan warna gelap Miss V?


Reply to @umabts167


glow up#anime


rose ඉල්ලපු අයට


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Uhhhmm 😳


that really did something lol


how’s that for a glow up