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Epic fight




am l cute 🥰


Did l jump right?brother



ignore my neck please


happy birthday


i still can’t post on my main 💔😭 twitter : arose078


Yes that’s my own tweet.


ruff ruff 🐶 couldda went harder dc: @konnorkelly 🤩


jk I do


ROAD TO 400K👑❤️#fypシ


I’m back b


This doesn’t break community guidelines TikTok🙄


So sus??


Real skin is beautiful skin




the vibes👌🏼



First and only try... LOOK @ my dog 💀// dc @jamjam_cea


Reply to @marineeetremblay


This trend is a whole mood and I'm taking a double dose




Our lil dancy dance✨❤️ @carolborbely


I filmed this on 1%


Follow my insta @ kgcrownofficial






Im a joke bye 😂




Tag DC


Why is she so thirsty ? 🥵


you’re very welcome


with @avabamby She is so pretty I love her 😍




“Girl, f*ck you. 😐


Im sorry friends.




It pays off😤


its about time I hop on this trend..


Reply to @howeitworks






tik tok let me post this 😤 this dance is literally so fun






Come here 😉


Big boss bowser


Fr not trynna body shame tho


Part 3!


Part 4!


Right? 😏


Thanks for 100k 🥺


I’ve changed a little



Gotta strut it now @jamieesullivan





I’m shadowbanned:( comment if this makes your fyp!! (dc:@tracy.oj)


Going to target without my kids today 🤠



This was from the other day but I’m so fried. Wear your protection!



Reply to @user629476776352 there ya go


TODAYS MY LAST DAY GUYS // ur 1st @ is a mastermind!! //


My talent 😇


I’d stare too lmao


for the gals & gays 🙏🏽❤️


Acting up pt. 4 because @psdtiktok sent me cute ass merch 🤩





😘 lmfao




apply through the link in my bio!!


y’all like the groutfit ?


bare face today


love him the most tho LOL


This song just ...



🤍 @shealolol




modern day feminism is the definition of toxicity


ok well here’s pt whatever in sweats


I look all nice til I start 😂


A tragedy


Reply to @lynx_not_found thx for 90k here and 30k on insta








Found this in my drafts I’m EMBARRASSED 😭


yes my ass is phat


Ain’t that the truth 😀


ngl I look pretty much the same


Reply to @yazanjor yes I can 😂




The ladies rock


Busy trying to get DEGREE’D up!


👅👅👅 @shanreisss




Guess my height💕


Comment ur fav NBA team🏀


I can’t wait for summer



Quick toilet clean!! 🦕






update made the team tbh 🤗


It jus hits dif


love the height difference 😺



How we arrive on a Friday 💃🏻🥂#crazy


first & last prom! See insta for more 🤍🦋✨


Mad i took yo girl 🤣🤡



Cause hubby said to post it 😏


I just thought this was really cute


the comments and looks


she usually keeps up @shanreisss


Ayyyeee my birthday is soon!!!




a for effort





Reply to @thesmartconservative1 idk why you care, but if this will make you happy..


i’m redoing this anotha time but sheesh dc: @lul.monty 💓🤗




I miss you steak fingers <3





my sister 🤣


Just dancing for hitting 1k followers!







Totally didn’t force her to make this with me @magenta_lol


Mother and Son duo…clearly we didn’t stick to the beat haha


@extensial @thassacap




ahaha @autumn.dennyy





Hey 😁




This doesn’t need a caption


Where’s the lie


SO NOT ATTRACTIVE 😤 that question gets you blocked ❤️


hi it's#PerfectAsWeAre



hi honey


Hasbulla training hard😤#PerfectAsWeAre


Sex appeal 🥵#PerfectAsWeAre


Who’s a mama’s boy?






school bathroom


He really said be careful what you wish for


Garbo also terrorizing someone


Barber prank lol @suburban_prince


lmao this sound



Bikini from @whavyco 💘💘#28XTREMES


Kiss me more 💘💘 @whavyco


Target run ‼️ c-link for a huge shopping spree! 😽💗❕⚡️💸


WHY DID THE AUDIO CUT OFF?! IT WAS TOO CLEAN 😭 Should I post full vid? @carliennicole2022 dc: @lesgetitrel 💰🌹


Reply to @mj.mf.torres it’s really not that hard guys ,




Blonde and brunette duo with myself 😽#greenscreen


no big deal.



check the sound for original