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Je win le 1er degré sur ce son.


Alternate Ending 🤗


Why I hate French.


Tournage de Fast and Furious 9 🚔#fastandfurious


SOBRE! (Original idea by @zachjaq)


Poule mouillée 


French reads Children’s Books...


$3.5 MillionStone French-County style mansion 🗿🏡


What’s your guess ? 🤔


Vocales nasales


Speed of light


Day 4 of school 📚/ @roxy.gm


Répondre à la @_the.nameless_


Répondre à @dodosquare


Répondre à @wandamaximoff35



When languages get lazy


Back to the Classics


le pire, c’est que ça marche😱


vlog gourmand 😳🥐



Reply to @betweentheworldandme how to be fluent in French pt.1 @smilez


please let me transfer to your school 🥺🤞💗


An evening in Paris


Why « Y »?


What do you say instead?😂


How do you refuse?😅


Sorry mom but I had to do it😢



les fouées 🇲🇫


Il y a des suffixes qui n’existent pas


Which one is your favorite ?


🇨🇵Forces Spéciales Françaises




OMG speaks 😍


Ou sont les motard/es ✨😈


Straight like that! 🇫🇷🥖