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cmt wht tiktok trends u guys want me to do? @fashionnova 🤍 fashionovapartner


This stuff tastes nasty.


Thank you for 300k, love you


Yes or no to date night dress?🤔⤵️


this better post 🙄 dc:@keliannestankus


Beach Day❤️ @molleegray @jekajane @garrettclayton91 @kentboyd_ ❤️🧜‍♀️🧜‍♀️


I am no dancer😭 but thank you @viragousa for the sweatshirt ❤️


okay i tried peep my bestie at the end


hello 👋


It gets like that sometimes lol


I filmed this in front of a group of teenage boys so this was hella awkward




He must love me


If u can relate then relate🤣🤷🏽‍♂️


40 & fabulous ✨


i can cook but i don’t clean dc:@kamilabattilana


senior picture todayy:)


i tried..


my thighs are bigger than my future


icy hot dress ❄️🔥 link in bio USE CODE “IG8” FOR $$$ OFF



testing to see if i’m shadowbanned


1,2,3 who can’t she be


Bought a corset n now idk how to act


Not even one ounce of drip


Fit fo today


New fav pants


I lost flexibility because dance was canceled this year but it’s still solid 😂❤️


Did a shoot today for my friends new brand she’s working on






ayo fit check


Reply to @foxgutsz best advice ever 😛




link in bio💟👕


the fit of the day


Shorts are from tna and the top is from flavour ⭐️


I could wear a @dollskill skirt everyday


I could wear a @dollskill skirt everyday


Bowling date fit 👏🏼




Day2 in Portugal with @vidsoftheos


Fit check


back at it again baby


fit check🤪


pick my outfit! 🥺 comment tips and ideas?


beep beep besties // dc @jaedengomezz @karaleighcannella


Flappy arm sleeves 😯#fyp


Just observing the fit


i love these pants sm



Key to my heart 💓


today’s outfit


have another one from today


🌸#fyp 🌸




FIT CHECKKKKK definitely didn’t say Swarovski right but whatever


who’s winning tonight?🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿🏴󠁧󠁢󠁥󠁮󠁧󠁿


I wish I could wear this but it’s too cold in sf🥲😪


bad bitches


Outfit 💋


🌸#fyp 🌸 NSW lockdown for only 7 days what a lie





after epcot @abbymbrownn


love my body😊


Lost the lighting but peep the shoes


Can’t wait to see results ☺️


another oneee, kinda lovin this dress


she got me sweating🥵


messed up @ that one part


bathroom toks


Happy Monday 🤍✨ dc: @curlyheadedgigi


I need to start posting on here so help😗




this song itches my brain (button up from @calyshine )


Fit check 😻#foryou



I object!


haven’t done a cringe one for a while !!! 😂😂


Do you relate?


This dance goes with everything


hey guys!


I don’t think these fit any more 😅😅


I decided to try this on a whim, took me 6 tries… I also just got off work


I feel like my hips make me look shorter than I really am 😅😅




just a lil fit check



Pick a fave 🐣



Another gym fit y’all 🕊💕🌻




yes my necklace is behind my neck cuz I filmed this mid abs workout


nothing like coming home to a @dollskill package 😍




Back 🤎🤎


🌼first day of spring 🌼


🌼 🌼


⚠️ Advertising ⚠️




think I might be shadow banned #fitcheck #foryou #gymtok


Another night out in the hill #fitcheck #unc #foryou


Fit check plus POV?💪🏻💦#foryou



yes, be courteous to your sweetheart in how u dress but dont completely hide yourself for them


Running late for therapy!


You asked and here it is @John Benton Model Fitness




Kinda hard to follow up the last one but here’s another #fitcheck #unc #foryou #IDeserveTuitionContest


Tysm @desordreboutique and this is the most beautiful top I have ever owned❤️#fyp


Don’t come at me for my pants it’s not a #fitcheck and they’re comfy #unc #foryou


had to hop on trend


Ended up wearing a jacket the whole day bc it poured 🥲 #fitcheck #unc #foryou


Happy Fall!!


Nude shorts >>>



drop it like it’s hawt


Upper body day ❤️😘☝️


leather shirt🦋


leather shirt🦋


chaotic evil but here we go #fitcheck #foryou #unc




turning into my pinterest board :))#fyp




Reply to @user7578639773356 been hearing this since sixth grade 🤡 #fitcheck #foryou #college


the only dance I’m capable of doing apparently but some of y’all like these so here ya go #fitcheck #foryou #college #draft


Last day of classes tomorrow 🤪 #fitcheck #foryou #college


quick #fitcheck for y’all #foryou #unc #college


a moment for the dress 🤩 #fitcheck #foryou #college #cashapp13plus


not the best pump but this sound fit perfectly #fitcheck #foryou #fitness #gymtok


hey hey


How cute are my new kinis


The perfect by @MissyEmpire