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a day in my life (lazy Sunday edition)


all i know is pain.


heartaep’s overlays!


Day 17836... I still can’t get this song out of my head🥲


camera roll dump ig



i forgot the dance halfway so i made up the rest


This is life changing! If you haven’t bought this stuff yet go do it!!!


Thank you Javy ❤️@javy.coffee @javy.coffee_collab


Just walking the pets. Miami design district. Would you do this? @racerallymedia @tamaris_ss


Had to do it solo!


Just having fun! Lol I’m hurting tho fr 😂😂



Ask and so you shall receive 😂


my face at the end really made me pretty


Story of my life.


so perfect for a quick yummy iced coffee😍 @javy.coffee @javy.coffee_collab


Sorry tree


Fantasia needa sign me ASAP 😂#wheniseeyou






I ❤️ this song.




tik tok took down my last vid :’(


purple vibes ft. @jackpotcandles


when ur bestfriend don't know how tf to act 🤣🤣




How many can relate to this? @mr.swapp Inpiration from @thestrohshow


Toxic 🥴🥴


with @teresa_jack just some big boy body positivity for you feed 😉


just sayin🤷🏼‍♀️


@gavinmagnus @caprieveritt 💙🖤



I’m trying


Past life love 💛


Which fit is ur fave?




EVER GREATEST !!! 💣🌊🔥 @kailenny8




with @likabull5


Reply to @tvermulm Matty is my boy 🥰


wait until the end 😏



fr tho thank you


Devil & Angel @lilnasx


what number can you get to?


Y’all 😀 I’m sorry



i like this outfit



Reply to @g59harrison then why aren’t they coming off


Ogres are like onions...


What can’t she do 🤔😂#YasClean



ik y'all relate , cause people love to try you and think you sweet but really don't know wassup😤😒


i’m doing this everyday till y’all get me to 20k🥺


If this video flops you are all haters because this is the cutest video ever.


Hit it from the back lemme arch my back 😅



I’m a lengthy mf




Bad habit pt. 1


Everyone follows my Instagram?


Remember to celebrate the process even when you’re not where you want to be 🙏🏾🥰


clap, clap, clap 👏🏼 PRESS the ➕ and ❤️ IF I should wear this FIT AGAIN


What are you waiting on?????


When you get a call home from school @leethe4th


Happy Friday <3



😭😭😭😭 @chase.parris





what color was my shirt 👀📸



Rate me 1-10 💕


Reply to @freight_delivering_fool


When I tell y’all I can’t feel my legs rn I’m not even playing 😭😭


Free charli cow filter! LOOK IN THE COMMENTS @charlidamelio


with @sesigorl it’s hard when you’re a little thicc and not flexible at all 😂


Let him come home and play with the kids!


If it wasn’t for those 3 things I would be lost 💀😭#passingthephone


Virtual hugs


Pretty excited about this bathing suit😝💥


i stg 2 seconds into meeting a random person i tell them my entire life story




I Got My Tooth Pulled Monday! I Miss Y’all ❤️


This one is for @melisxem :)#cowfilter @charlidamelio



Style in an outfit with me!


Rate my transitions in the comments


update: shes really cool !





Who left me alone



help me figure out an Easter fit!





duetting at the end of summer😩#fypシ


Please stay for finished result 🥵#biden2020


This taco good asl😩 am I missing some🤔?


max effort





but who’s chick















Almost to 400k likes 😍😱


your second @ had a big head follow me on the gram add me on sc




i send some ugly snaps ong