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Not a contest. @therepublicanhypehouse


Pt 2. Gender @therepublicanhypehouse


The gender pay gap hype is 💵🥱


Believe all women? 🤔


Raise your girls to be independent and good human beings


this is not equality.


Help me change culture.


@papa_gut tag papa gut let’s debate this


The Patriarchy, a thought experiment.


aw so cute, its the little things ❤️.


let me know...


What should we do with her girls ? 🤡


taken down at 1mil views, edited so it fits tiktok’s approval (this doesn’t break any guidelines!!)


Life ain’t 100% fair for anyone!


Reply to @byronb1


thank you @howdyhowdyyall1 for making this audio! @#vintage


modern feminism part 1


Reply to @maryandgary why I hate modern feminism part 3 💋


I just want to stay home and sleep bro😩


my take on the "pick me" label


all I see is signs😈


And just because YOU wouldn’t be uncomfortable with that doesn’t mean you can speak for everyone




It’s the divine plan for a successful marriage and family.


obvi read ppl like Marx if you want to but don’t feel obligated to!!


These men stay ✨pressed✨


with @therealchuckdaddy




This is how you sound



with @torres.alejandro Female Gaze vid: @ms.eggy


Don’t project.


TW: mention of rape



pretty please? I post everyday!


Old trend I know


What are your thoughts on this?


@americanblondie 💗


None of these should matter anyway


Watch nobody see this oop


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with @dear.loverz





Let him come home and play with the kids!


A message for my kings out there.


@brittpettitt you really need to educate yourself.





i said it.


pls read a book & listen to more creators


I’m not gonna grow my armpit hair out and wear a suit to work.



How to attract an alpha male who treats you like a queen☝️👑


They are my favorite




with @power.to.her


So so crazy....






This is modern feminism talking ✨😍


Men need feminism


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اخخ بس


modern day feminism is the definition of toxicity


I love you @alecthegteat


Qu'en pensez vous ?



I will break your heart


Make it make sense..





Double standards



Netflix Exposed P.2


I wanna fuk slow w lights on 😩😩😩#اكسبلور


Reply to @heart.shaped.moon


third wave feminism is a disease.



Bring back anti porn feminism!!!!


Reply to @pomonapimp “tHaT sOmeBody DaUghtEr” like yea…what do they have to do with this?


Love how this video turned out💜💜💜.


Let’s see if the Karen’s get this removed again




I hope this makes sense


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write my all your Music pls





Reply to @legalmentegonzaa LMFAO you’re welcome bestie




with @themanicuredmom


Bwahaha how many girls do you know argue like this???


k bye




اهمشي الكمامة للوقاية 😗😂#foryou


Bill Burr explains the male feminist


with @anniekabannie Modern-day feminism is garbage.


Reply to @hitmarberttv



Real men call them chocolate chippies😤


i got a new swim suit at the rip curl outlet the other day 💃 anyways


This is real deep


Part 1##harrassement


@Logan Dorn sir this is not the way to “spread the word”. Spread love instead. Get well soon.


why do men act like that👁 not that every man I've ever met has been bad. just far too many of them




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Reply to @seanalexanderbirge just some fun facts for you lil fella 😘


Very dissapointing 😂💔


When you don’t need a women’s uterus to breath life lmk


Even her friend’s laughing at her LMAO


Oscar when? @fatwhorescocks