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I did the dance wrong but oh well


total . Os quiero chicas @isabeloliver4 @[email protected] @mbg1205


goes to my almost funeral in Hawaii 🤣🤦🏼♀️😂🌊🌴


Try NOT to laugh challenge FAIL🤣



I compilation of my weirdest tricks.. 😂


I really thought that the snow was gonna be softer 😂


Hey I’m still stuck might as well tiktok it


Those are some nice ears


Shaving prank gone wrong 😱💈


Most coordinated uncoordinated person you’ll ever meet 😂💙 


Home workout fail ! Stay safe friends ! Take care of yourself and your family.


mommy found a new hiding spot... 😂😂


thanks for 1mil likes <3




wait for it... 😭


Our mom kicked us out after this


IM CRYIN @collinskitchens


Forever alone 😂😭😭😂😂😂


with my bestie 😚


Un borrador por aquí// nótese q no me la sabía🤣👀


so close but so far!!!!


Intento de baile😬


Regardez là chut au ralentie je pleure 😂😂 a 100k de likes ont met la vrai version 😂 INSTA : loufitlove


la cara de Carlota de concentración es lo máximo


Final inesperado, FAIL😂😂


he's not done doing yoga...


Y asi es como casi mi móvil muere ahogado🥵🤦🏼‍♀️ ig: rociiomayoo ❤️


This stuff tastes nasty.


@roroklk50262 en el moral!!😉


dua garis biru versi Thailand




Endgame 2? 🤔


Please ignore the marks on my leggings 😂


la puerta solo se puede abrir desde dentro😂😂 @lluna_mireia



He closed the door in my face for this 😳#myman




He failed


My freaking queen lol


So embarrassing 🤦‍♀️


Footsie Crushing! /Shoutout to my cusion @footsie.x.crushing\




The scream changed gravities mind💀🤣 (@kyliebomhardt)




A que te recuerda esto?


Online Teacher Fail!




"Don't apologize" 😂


LOL I TRIED idk what this is😭


I feel like I got hit by a truck today after this sleepwalking fail 🤣🤦🏻‍♀️


Baby gate trap


Wait for it





Uhhh, she isn’t robbing anyone with that mask. 🤣


Bad Day


Never forget ⚡️



Be careful asking for a drink these days 😱 @johnlferguson


with @saritaserafini




A lovely message for my geography and history teacher 👨🏻‍🏫😉#study 


MICHAEL J😎😜#michaeljackson


Is this how you do this trend?


She tried... Bless her!!!


Hah found this in my drafts


Bike life 😂😂





Y’all get so bored at sleepovers 😭 (via pablodvnger_/TW)


Costume malfunction @iammarriott @klupschy



How am I supposed to wash my hands?


I stepped on her toe 😅 @breeschuettpelz


do I expose myself and share my draft when I thought I was actually doing well? (I was wrong btw)


That one time I went hiking when I lived in Utah...#hikingadventures


Biden’s ok 👍🏻 (@mbg_core)




OMG thank you very much for the 13.7k subscribers 😭💕🥰 ( you want part 2?)#asmr






nada me sale bien 😂






with @kadenmackay


It’s not even your fault 😵


jcrois que ça c’est un signe qui montre que je dois pas commencer à danser sur tiktok mdrr


Mistakes were made 🙈


What did you think this video was about 😳 @bryanduran100


You guys, this hurt SO BAD. This is why I don’t do stuff like this to him😂😭





yes I almost died today, and what about it?


C’est un total


Outtakes from trying to do a headstand


New Sound 😂


That bike was tired of losing 😂


Oh I got dizzy there 😂 @queenshelbylynn1








Enjoy this epic fail 😂❤️


Why.... Why. 


Wee 😂



Wee 😂




Definitely a blooper 😂



Should’ve taken that sign seriously


I will never go viral on tiktok like this 🙄 ugh, just LET ME BE


Cotton eyed joe FAIL! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂


Följ min fina @alicia.otterud.07 nya TikTok konto, kmt KLAR, jag kommer ge några sh


Send this is everyone you know :)


this was a disaster!



I fell 😅😂




First and only try... LOOK @ my dog 💀// dc @jamjam_cea




😂😂😂😂 ou boy



Ops 😅


We safely got them out of the water immediately. We were nicer than they were.


but we tried


Wee 😂


That backfired…


My neck said ✨no✨


When you forget the garter @edmerand0










@jattakorhonen ☔️




war zu gut ums in der galerie schmoren zu lassen






We’ve all been there… 😅💃🏼 TAG someone who can relate! 😜




with @mr.eli714 sanding up school 101



Wait for the end 🤣 @sampilgrimmtb


😑😑😑 OBSESSED with drinking from cups⠀⠀#catsoftiktok


Lol. SIERRA!!!! Omg




Maybe third time is a charm 😂🤣 Gotta drink 11 more!



😂😂que horror pero lo subo igual


Dad jokes can be confusing. 🤦‍♂️



Total FAIL! 😂😂


Wee 😂


Quería hacerme la interesante y bajarme los lentes pero terminé así 🤡 JAJAJAJ


This was a little fail….


Which rapper is the funniest ?🤷🏽‍♂️


She’s always extra! 😐


Gotta give it to , he handled this better than I could have 😂



We must protect my precious mother at all costs 😂


I would have had the record if the game didn't mess up.


Holly molly



trying to keep up with the beat#crocproblems




Teenage girls celebrating a birthday got a bigger fright than expected when a seagull joined them on a thrill ride.





Lindo 😂🖤 @cristianazar1 ✨✨


Helicopter Emergency Landing In Traffic



Seagulls really are d**ks 😳



Well that was a … Who wants to see the real version?!


Extraño hacer videos con el @christiancompany 😂 | IG: @lachumpi



What the actual hell!


Repost!! Get this viral!! WATCH TILL THE END!!


Instagram: fat_memy


Mann ey... Amazon regt mich auf -.-


🤡 @maks101011






Somebody’s having a bad day



I muffin'd him..


maybe should have done this a bit more sober lol


Tag That Friend That Always Be Falling Asleep 😂



The year 2020 in a single video 🤣 (lexiannc6 / TW)


best of luck today 🙃 @bigtimerush @kirakosarin






Might be my last prank🤦🏽‍♂️



My elbow! 🥺


Wee 😂



Starting off the week like…


Der "kam" unerwartet 😂😂


You can see the concentration on my face 😂





Tweedledum and Tweedledee, amirite? 🤣 ..#bestfriend





So I tried a trend again haha


Just a mom of 4 who drank a few glasses of wine trying the impossible 😅


Fail no desafio kkkkkkkkkkkkk


Prob. the only one to fail this lol. Not surprised tho.. I’m a very unbalanced person lmao. I’ll try again later lol.



Tu 3er @ de wpp te visitará @eidry_


i don’t know what this is (ig: genna_barton_)


didn't work for me




For my Germans






Répondre à @mathilde_et_sligo backstage 🤣 @anja_fee 😂


what made you go viral.


They can’t kill you if you take yourself out first


with @vinceduq


Wee 😂


Why am I like this




close enough lol? i fell on the camera like 3 times


I couldn’t dance to save my life


I couldn’t dance to save my life


Er hätte das doch sehen müssen, es ist ein wenig ausgelaufen vorher.


Failure all over




Goodbye magic smoothie 😔 | 🎥 @Renas Banki 👀 |


why is this so difficult to make?!?



Like a boss





Bro No one got hurt no dangerous acts everything is staged


man kommt nur ins flyteam, wenn man aus dem fenster springt… 🤡


Who else was rooting for the bird? 😩🐦😳 (IG: @isaacgrillis)



الرد على @m_.0012 تم الطلب كلبي



Reply to @nicefarts plus me falling 😅 @alywhoop @delanyluh


Damn boi 🤣


Neuer Bußgeldkatalog 🤷🏼‍♂️🙈





My favourite video ever 😁


Soooo a bird attacked me on the way out of the house to my vehicle! 💀😩#TargetHalloween



Wo sind die Kaffee-Trinker? ☕️


Wo sind die Kaffee-Trinker? ☕️



why did the song have to cut 🙄🙄🙄



@dachfliese antworten Wie lang hast du durchlaufen lassen? der mit den meisten kommt ins Video ❤️🔥


Répondre à @thomas_mck3


Idk. (via unknown)


Idk. (via unknown)


I rlly do be acting like I’m failing



Härtester Fail meiner gesamten Tiktok Karriere Hahhahah.


„Graphic Content⚠️” poor farzad😂🍋first one gor deleted, so dont do this at home





Meine Freunde lieben mich alle 😭💀




MY MOM WALKED IN 😂 her face. #fail


helicopter launch in the garden 🤔#rcfun


Damn 😂


hat vielleicht doch nicht so viel Sinn gemacht🤦🏾 MARKIERT nen Kumpel bei dem das auch so enden würde👀



I hit my nose when i first turned. 😂 shoulda stayed in the drafts. #fyp #single #fail