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straight facts.




Which guy is your favorite


Don’t move them off the couch.


If u can relate then relate🤣🤷🏽‍♂️


Watch til the end 🤭



with @christina.and.the.dane pain



Just trying to crack the code to your emotions dude:)


like damn


😍😍😍 Fax no printer 🖨 (added a dance for thirst trap sorry xoxo)😍


Wanted to make this video for a while!


font pack! ✉️ || 🕰 :: 7:43 ||


facts. #trump


Well I guess you learn something new everyday...


Rs bruh💯🖤




with @megan_ashleyyyy yup we're F*cked.




For sure kilala nyo to hahaha!


Body Hacks 🧍


I think they might wake up


facts or cap





Pwedeng nangati lang


with @saleenwallace I said what I said ☺️




Facts about intelligent people


Like just gimme the bread 🤦🏾‍♂️


This is facts


@brandonrogers #humor




He is a bigot!




All these hit



time to ruin hooman’s sleep!




I hate n*** 😂



Forbidden places around the world


Minutes after the dinosaurs disappeared


Je panta foroun ta oi p0rnogeroi



No 🧢




🤯Mind Blown🤯#memes






facts are said 🥺 cr: cereal on yt!



dating advice 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️


Send it😩#greenscreenvideo #PerfectAsWeAre #xzybca #parati #fyp #LoveMeMode #foryoupage #foryou #facts


A girl that is hard to find




soy yo🇲🇽


relationship advice.



miami se las sabe todassss





Thoughts I had this morning in the shower




These sent me 😂



Relationship Facts 👫💞#fy



Republicans are racist!!!




We Need to Take a Stand against and


It’s time to get loud!


with @Kirsten just an fyi. ✌🏻#healthtok


He's back to blow your mind lmao credit to @marvin4eva33 for origin


There's a reason he was assassinated. Now you know.



I hope this helped 🥺❤️ i love you all im here for you 🙏


play her👹👺


more mind blowing facts....credit to @marvin4eva33 for original sound.


midnight TikTok lmao credit to @marvin4eva33 for sound.




can't even get ready for work. credit to @marvin4eva33


no because my mind be ruthless asf😂






Legit heard this comment from a person who exists.





Should we just be honest?



Boys lmk what I’ve missed


It's time to Before It's


The Truth is Stranger than Fiction..


Where is the lie


Such a fine day to be such a fine MF 😍🥰



👌 @layalkhouryme


omg he's back with more lol credit to @ryanhdlombard for original sound


Did you know this?



with @evok93


the horses🤯#fyp




Girl Fact!!!


please make it end lol credit to @marvin4eva33





That !#SHEINcares











it's been a while, but he's back




credit [email protected]_










Focus in urself kings👑







Read it again



Tag that Girl



W for u, L for her


Save this just in case


natürlich alles nur ein Spaß 🤝



The “Doctors” of the movement.




sounds OP tbh 😳





Tag that Girl




Boys lmk what I’ve missed 🙏🏽



Think about it



Now she has to suffer again


Aaaannd he's back lol @marvin4eva33 for original @nike for gym tops 👍



Psychological fact


Read that again



Remember boys remember







with @goodnessgraciousss @vancityreynolds


with @connordewolfe


Who can relate?




I’d shut up real quick


How SLOW Can You Go In MINECRAFT?!?! | Minecraft Experiments


Is he right? 🤔 sound credits @tinh gameplay via (yt/alphabanane2)


Teach her a lesson




Bruh 😭🤣


if anyone finds a filter please send it my way!!! @marvin4eva33 for original content


Question Everything 🤯


can't even get ready for work!!! @marvin4eva33 for original content


Sad but facts 🤷‍♂️ sound credits @Gavin DeJager gameplay via (yt/alphabanane2)




Car Companies owned by Volkswagen


just a quick one. credit to @marvin4eva33 for original content.


If you don’t agree, my knee and I would be more than happy to give you a demonstration…for ✨scientific purposes✨ of course.


One of the happiest countries in the world 🌎


I understood the assignment 😭



with @eiste_for_luphsh


How do you like this new style? Is it better than how it was before?


Quiet people fact


Psychology Facts





here we go again 🧍🏻‍♀️#foryoupage


What is a true fact so baffling, it should be false?