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Как говоритс имбп переход


𝒅𝒐 𝒚𝒐𝒖 𝒓𝒆𝒎𝒆𝒎𝒃𝒆𝒓 ?


4u:فانزات ابو ييغر


part 8


i’m in pain


eren the 🐐



with @thefinalgetsuga if someone has pointed this out already don’t roast me 😭



⚠️SPOILERS FOR AoT SEASON 2 (if you somehow haven't seen it yet)



His name is...


Eren talking in ✨Español✨


Goodbye to the boy who sought freedom



another aot animation as this is my way of coping after the final chapter😭 ref vid: @whateverwilson


Reply to @nayeonackerman this took so long pls don’t let it flop😭 ref vid: @jungsanx


Apparently tik tok didn’t like this :/


لو فلوك معهم بسس😩😩#fyp



لا يشفونها الاوتاكو 😭😭😭.


What’s happening to him...?


Anime boys 🛐


this got taken down the first time- understandable


Me pareció tan cute haha





i miss them huhu.


reiner don't want to live anymore ;-;


You guys want a part 3 🥴?


Reply to @lynx_not_found thx for 90k here and 30k on insta


I cant believe nobody noticed this before 😭😭😭



Why are they Not real?...#kaneki




Suigetsu movin mad😳


oluo kinnie


hey scout 😁!





pov:they are flirting with a mad bird behind


Its not always about family


Whats Next ?




( أفضل مقوله ؟🖤 )


quick edit



الرد على @123_roro3


"أفضل عباره بينهم؟"🦋#fyp





[ ib 👉 @tae.yibo.xiaozhan ]


هاذي وجهة نظري


Aot boys cover✨(sorry Jean absolutely wanted to participate)


اوك محد بيشارك لأن الفيديو🥚🙂💔#قاشا_كلوب



It’s so sad :(


حلاوهه 🫂


You can pretend you don’t miss me


Thank you all for 100k !


Thank you all for 100k !


Thank you all for 100k !


Thank you all for 100k !


Thank you all for 100k !


Introducing… eren yeager🤌





ولا صرخه تطلع من راسي 💔


Part 2?








TATAKAE!!! -xSense


TATAKAE!!! -xSense


TATAKAE!!! -xSense


TATAKAE!!! -xSense


Hey emo boy! Im stuck in school so heres a draft😡#SoFiMoneyMoves


Eren and Armin fight a Titan


🎧wear headphones🎧


"لأنّ العالم خذلنا معًا"#fyp



تسَامح اليي كسرككَ ؟


[ib:@themidnightmoonlight] I actually like this one lol, please like it too🙏#anime



im late to this trend but nvm