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Crazy 😔😔


check the technique🥴






She so thick ! Almost ran into the wall


Give me one from the thug side


CA Gov Announces Jab Mandates for EVERYONE who works in Education.



⭐️ You’re a Star ⭐️#youreastar


goodmorning! say it back💋


Just cuz I felt hot



what did doja put into this song? dc: @davidvooo @not.sorry.ab.it @livynliklarry



pants i am making do u like


with @nate_lifts


We’ll have the situation handled😈


14 baes💋💋 @hculp86


Still cute thoo 💗


with @hearthfirecoffee this drink was out of pocket💀


🌟New world order🌟#hollyweird


Still no R6 content yet I’m sorry. Maybe this will be funny.




hi 😀


My inner cheerleader came out 😂


Send this to someone that you have plans with! 🐴 @dragonforce @hermanli


Send this to someone that you have plans with! 🐴 @dragonforce @hermanli




Don’t mind me just taken out the trash 😂


I don’t need your sympathy speech 🙂


The ONLY time 🥵



😶‍🌫️ follow my IG: onenonlydes


You can see the concentration on my face 😂


Lmao hole the people outside didn’t hear




I do not know if I did this dance right but we tried haha



real ones for that but since y’all liked the last oneeee<3


When I tell people my age , I’m 40 years old


Reply to @balx00 😂


@lizzo i do it for my culture !


When people say Tictok doesn’t pay me


Welcome to


i’m jokingggggg it’s an AIRSOFT gun tiktok 😑




wanna get drunk n nasty?


They aren’t lying tho 😊…





Here’s to 60k thanks for the love and support!!!


credit [email protected]_


ate this up.


Posting again because it got taken down at 10 k 😭😂


when you combine both of your fav trends //


Frankie’s been expecting you🤌 credit: @Timothy Avedikian &Peter Quill


follow for part 2 😈



I can never live in peace 😭🤦‍♀️


Use those comments as motivation


ignore the fact that i’m posting a second time today


we really got da bestWalk Routes🗣


first day of college yall (:


with @eel.feel 🤨


my typical wednesday night ❤️


My boxers are on backwards @naarjesse


Like hello!!!!


This song hits different 😂


with @pethoopapi mans got a iPhone 79 just to post them middle school ahh quotes 😭😭


🍑🍑🍑 @itzzzkuba


Reply to @carly_cleveland smh I would never mislead


Funny voiceovers pt7 gumdrop kinda sus 😳#JifRapChallenge


shaking it to songs that don’t need it


Do we share a dad?


Booty so big lord how mercy


Only a few will understand


caption |




Traffic Jam crazies @chrisharveycomedy



Anyone else see Selena Gomez in concert at 17 years old bc their high school boyfriend thought she was hot? Lolol


shorty said she got 18 bodies 😭


size doesn’t matter 🙇🏻‍♀️


This dress😍


okaaaay🤷🏼‍♀️ .


I only think this when I see him.


Send it to them, you won’t



What’s up with that? 🤨📸





If ur a man at allllllll🥸 #EatFreshRefresh #fyp



I messed up on this so many times 😬🤣🤦🏽‍♀️#MyTeacherWins


This my last Draft imma post 🤣🤣🤣🥴#MyTeacherWins



@2agoodsign it’s funny your name is Jodi. We have a running joke. My views do not reflect the us military