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already got a video taken down, let's see if it works this time



🤪 didn’t t wanna do much cause my neighbors were watching but still gave them a show 😅💅🏾#thotshitmegan


Barber prank on my boy @leethe4th lol


🗣QUIT PLAYING WITH MY SIS! Go follow @leolia810 NNNOOOWWWW! Run her follows up!!!



not really


so unfortunate


Hasbulla knocks Dustin out


Reply to @fourtwenty180 a little hung over but hey 😂💕





Ben Shapiro on Transgenderism. Thoughts?👇🏼


But Fr be who you are



Critical THINKING vs Critical THEORY. 🥸




Oop let’s not talk about this ever again @cadenketchman 😳



should i?



Reply to @tito_1047 i guess😣 @mightymorphinpowerranger


WAKE UP👁‼️follow my instagram: officialemantv linkinbio


WAKE UP👁‼️follow my instagram: officialemantv linkinbio


Favorite swimwear recently!! Check out @skye_yolandaswim ❤️




Reply to @blasian_dev you can't make this up


follow my IG to see more butth0les



no cat was harmed




No just me 😄


Edna walk !




Or both ☺️#xyzbca


i’m not a dancer.





with @sweetyhigh one year agoooooo! 💕🌞



Reply to @frankjenkins6


Was asked to dis for da jiggle


Chrochet king! 🌈👑🥵



Late night fun🤗☯️😉 @mikaylanogueira @glamlite 🔥


Sorry for my nips in advance 😁#fyp


Reply to @kiorbarbiexo gotcha


since y’all blew the other swim week video up here’s another 1



how was this allowed😭




Chocolate Barbie


Better experience




This one will always be my fave




Gym shenanigans


thang was thangin


after gym things (:


By the time I find she gone 😭


So foine…


in love with these boxers


Fast as he wants to be when the treat bag opens.



waow guys so cray z


at sunset



yeah i did that🧍🏽‍♀️i wish i had better lighting😟


Fly hunting..........




I’m trying to start back learning the dances


yeah it’s a no from me





I just got a question…. That’s all!!


We made it



Reply to @pilaramador5 invalid statement




slow down


Draft 🤷🏻‍♀️




What 💰 tips do you wish you knew sooner ⁉️


YOU HEARD wtf i sAidddddddddd 🤌🏽


🤌🏽 may the best mfr win


Cookie ? 🙄




when I get to my goal it’s over for yall


hey y’all


hey guys




peep that sunset though! 😍


song slaps





with @elotromariachi


i’m swag🤰🏼🤷🏻‍♀️#FerragamoLetsDance






RUN to lululemon and get the align top💋 sonic pink sold out ofc😭




I fucking love this dress




I love dbz but this has just gotta stop




i know u wanna kiss me :))



this got taken down for breaking Community guidelines so take two lol 🤪


That is all.


Instagram @ eveculling




Responder a @geordidi no te imaginas la alegria k me da hacerlos reír


had to do one with this ICONIC moment💕


Corvette Corvette 🚗🚙


im finishing the butterfly arm on monday🤰🏼#XfinityFanthem


Last night was WILD


🧊 ⏰ 🧊 ⏰




Torture tested this one 👍🏽 all good!


with @rellgotkash silence was loud cause I couldn’t take myself serious even if I wanted to 😭


David wanted to see.


Got no Manager


R A N A D A 👑