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he had a lot to say today


Hugs are the best!


Jump and grab! @denislaurin



Doggo love ❀️ ❀️


she's a lover not a fighter


Coronavirus and my only friend ❀️ πŸ’”


Send this to friends who need my cuddles.



My dream 😍


Remi will ALWAYS be my greatest blessing. I didn’t save her....she saved me πŸ’—


I went to check on her since she was hiding in the closet. I guess she needed a hug πŸ₯Ί


Haru is just one big cuddly bear


it’s not Instagram tips, but it was too cute not to share πŸ₯Ί he is @marsthesprite β˜„οΈ


Mi perrita Hannah πŸ’œ#viral