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Reposting bc it didn’t get the hype it deserved the first time


Distract with cute corgi, receive free drinks



Omgggg i was holding back laughter so hard under that blanket



Cut Hair 🤗🤗#dog


12 !!


he smiled at the end🥺🥺🥺


Last one is my favorite ✈️


Well that didn’t go as well as expected


Der traurige Blick am Ende 😂#fürdich




Sweet silly girl



my baby is so sweet 🥺


Poof loves Dairy Queen 🍦




the reason I smile ❤️


the end though 😅


you asked for tricks with hand signals only! 👌🏼


my favourite kisses 🐶💕🥺


my favourite baby ❤️🥰


THE BEST GIRL - it’s the heartbeat in the ears for me 😭😍🥺


Mom, are you kidding me ?😂


Never underestimate them... 😂


Chú chó dũng cảm của anh thợ xây cứu chủ tịch và cái kết


Be nice fat boy😭


UwU my shiro


Have a tail-wagging wonderful week! ❤️


Super dog 🐕