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Classic 😆 credit: @itssissysheridan


i’ll just leave this here 😳




Almost at 300k 🙀




i’m a lil nervous to post,, but here’s me singin and playin the piano!!


he knows I can't swim or hold my breath underwater wtf smh


so which one of y’all is gonna fund my cosplay career 👀 dc: @nsfwsoup




How’s everyone enjoying quarantine?


Hope everyone is staying healthy and safe🙏 @csengeforstner ❤️❤️


Would of been MLB opening day today 😭


Hope y’all had a good day 💗


I know it’s not ur birthday but 🎂🎂🎂


Had to show y’all my cute outfit for today🦋 follow me on IG: _andreamercado_


Quarantine making me go insane


that strap rly came at me💀


here’s a draft it’s kinda bad but :)💕


Can my latinas relate...?😂 follow me on ig: _andreamercado_




sad but true 🤷🏻‍♀️


Should I do more of these type vids? (1&2 Leggings: @lyteleggings)


i don’t wanna admit to how long it took me to practice this


tiktok took it down at 40k😭




Can only do it when the homies aren’t around 🙌🏻







Every morning...


Wait for it....


Magic Mike XXL, never saw it




hi these r my proportions


i’m wearin shorts,, don’t come for me dc: @kidozzie


Your 2nd @ has to go on a date with you #distancedance #quickrecipes


The only dance I can actually do


I think this is how the dance goes? Lol




i wonder if this is gonna post


cmt ur crushes initials! (necklace:@goldentangerine_)


She loves playing with the hose so we bought her a water fountain


here is a for @charlidamelio’s for everyone trying to learn it ❤️💙


tiktok keeps taking them down😭😭




Are classes back yettttt? @tahititamure



my man @ikatejohnson


فكره جديده حبايب🔥♥️#فرانكو


أبععد روح. .