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Eye problems fixed with @king.science’s life hack 🥺🥺


art tip from me 👁


I hope this will help some people!


Quick digital art tip




Best digital art tips. want part 2?


Zee’s at it again


A quick procreate tip


Bye 👋🏻😔


Pause as needed!


a tutorial on the basics of how i draw hands 😔


Cam Boy Asmo... I am indeed revisiting my older art 😬#obeyme



RIP Mammon... Again.


RIP Me... *cough*


art tips yayyyy


Who loves Shinso? OG @aa.choii


Reply to @qjaneantoniokoh


we’re talking cheap or free for ✍️


Comment for more! 👀


Reply to @.._.nevaeh tips for beginners. let me know if ya'll are curious for more



with @keetz.me


lineart practice


Be polite >:(


It was going so well until... 🙃


How I shade and color series part 1.#artistsoftiktok






Reply to @pandoisunactive I would do anything else but I genuinely have no idea how to do any of the other things 💔


This is how I color skin ;w;


with @studio.seaside the nitty gritty of contracts.


not my best but, here u go :)


Reply to @lucky_usopp tips for anatomy!!


Reply to @_nevaeh_2578 these are just the basics to get started so I’ll make a pt 2 soon! //


art tips! anatomy pt.1


chequea esa transición 😍


Art lol


sorry this is so fast, 1 minute is not enough 😩


Leaves 🌱


Reply to @pnw_antoniacarlson since y’all wanted another one :)


Idk if anyone has done this yet but I couldn’t stop thinking about it fjdnf


OMG 🤣 watch till the end it’s hilarious 😆


Answer to @mag0tb0t :))


i couldnt resist this audio AHEHE


Lazy art tips


Maybe I’ll do a part 2?


Did this coz my phone doesn't support split screen


App: Procreate 💛!


dont mind the first one idk what i was doin 🧍#art


this is a self callout 🧍


do you sometimes just-


I love this man -


Reply to @val.edo hope this helps! Let me know if there’s any other tips you’d like!🌸🌙


this got taken down the first time- understandable


recreating my first vid to get 1M views


gojo don’t discriminate 😒


Don’t miss the end, this is how you can paint in Valorant’s style!


because this helped a lot of creators last time.


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with @faemonae I think it looks great!


Reply to @simpingforginevraweasley i can go more into this if anyone wants me 2 but i only had a minute LOL <3


Here it is, his backstory.


Quick art value tutorial





Reply to @rheana_clear_11


I've played fortnight a few times...#green


i told y’all i was bad at tutorials LMAO ft. my celeste makeup @thecoldestwater


Reply to @cxttiq hope this makes sense! I tried my best😅


the vid is a bit long but the process of actually drawing it goes by fast ;_;


the most important digital painting technique


he felt bad about what giyu said to her 💗


I was feeling angsty last night and drew this (THIS IS PLATONIC)


Wake up NY! 🍎#fyp


Wake up NY! 🍎#fyp


This trend is so cool 🤩


I over nejire but tsu should've kicked her butt for that💀


ib: @hirodraws


She knew that I was a trans


Have y’all ever tried this?


this can be done on one layer with no blending modes ;)





Yes I can :)


MY BF SURE LIKES IT💞 @blondthreat 😈💕




wait for The end 😂😂#miraculous




I haven’t practiced hands in forever


New YouTube video coming soon on my channel @ catdogfatness! Make sure to subscribe!!


Make this a trend please 🥺


I can’t believe I just learned this now. It’s just control in photoshop I believe and I use clip studio


art vs artist!


The cereal box...


Reply to @user618011745 ✌🏻


and there’s way more


The metaphysics of manifestation 🔑


My hands were so shaky recording this 💀


Reply to @therealdynamight it’s Uravity✨


Mixed Reality Panther debuts against NY Jets#nfl


I'm not drawing batjokes🤡,,, anyway I look up and- my my what do my eyes see hERE 😀


eu amei participar disso aaa (edit feita por @yachi.baka) @kimllyart @maxiqcks


I have a soft spot for em.


What we see is not always the truth


I’m back and with worse content #fnaf #montgomerygator #montyalligator #gatorgolf #glamrockfreddy #roxannewolf #digitalart #StepandFlex #viral #fyp