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Yayyyyy I did it apart from one lol 😂


bestie 😩 @cassandrawadee


cant twerk in these jeans 🖕



Treat yourself



Happy Bank Holiday Monday People ! 🤣✌🤍




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part 4!! Tuna rated me a 7.5 overall.


with @blueline_shinobi


Someone requested shorts! Also check out my ig story for a surprise!


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save the planet <3




stop dating your twin or i’m calling Millie



i posted so many of these but this is like the only dance ik


Scotty doesn't know ~Akio


cn we bring this trend back


Draft♥️ Do you prefer makeup or no makeup?💄👄



#fypシ #fyp #Destinationdepop


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take it ?







with @antiroyalty it’s just a guess



Do you love me? 🥰🥰🥰




Your fav readhead at your local Publix😂♥️


JHB where did u come from ??





Where do y’all stay?




Taking off 16 hours of work Part 1. OUCH!


Whos going to see the demon slayer movie I am and I’m so excited!


I’ll be back live today🥰 see ya there! Follow my backup ♥️@alittleflexible♥️


Ask and you shall receive, re-do🐰


Account: LockPickingLawyer


It’s almost skirt weather again!!!


waiting for duck


Are you down?


Penguins tho 🥺


No stress...just vibes 🤙🏼😂



Wedgie 🤪



back rolls 😐😐#DoritosDuetRoulette


I'm hot 😎-Hinata




Beach day 😎🔥


Beach day continued 😎🔥


haven’t been feeling confident lately :(


Very important list.



in sync asf fuck🤝 @juliabasner


SHEIN haul!!




Honestly so happy these all looked semi decent on me 😅


When you think you have your life together and then ish happens


Took Down at 10k


Dirt Devil 👺 music: @backuard.music


happy Sunday y’all <3 let’s have a productive week!




didn’t see ya there


Show me watcha do!


idk how to style these but i finally washed my thrifted shirts and yes those are fish earrings


yeah this




Sad but true, oh well 🤷🏾‍♀️.


She’s singing for the choir


ignore my hair completely falling out in the back.


forgot the dance halfway


Used to be one of my fav songs



love her. 𖨆♡︎𖨆 me and her :) <3


soap dispenser#usa





new born hair clipper#hairclipper


automatic dish washer#gadgetstouse


good knife##gadgetstouse




smart gadget#gadgetstouse



just having fun 🖤


hey 😩😩


pop that ass @karen.liao




Hot dog challenge


I’m sorry but what-#greenscreen


Apartment pool life living




Reply to @mj.mf.torres it’s really not that hard guys ,