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That is a MAN sis 🤩🥵


How we met


Girls Tinder vs Guys Tinder...yup I am still single


Why do this for free??


She might be trouble


watch the glow up :))) @taylorharing1


He chartered us a helicopter & private tour of Dubai 🚁



Take 2: maybe it won't get to moved again 🙃


These boys need to learn how to take some responsibility.



That’s on periodt


with @sooklyn


with @princessamirab


Spoiler alert 🚨 he is not coming over & I even bought his favorite ice cream 🙃


This is a legit question 🤨


semi toxica


with @torres.alejandro


with @torres.alejandro @hinge @bumble


why would anyone want to go further when you can't show loyal tendency up front?


What an amazing opportunity sir


It issss what it isssss




Gotta let em know 😏


Hey girl, hey! @gbrillon80


We are VERY over dramatic ✌🏻💖


Reply to @husky226 these r my thoughts


KACUTE NI @katkatmanimtim123 HAHAHAHA🥺😍


Guys vs Girls: Post Break Up!


Just my opinion 🤷🏼‍♀️


This applies to car girls too.


with @maysunbaby My red flags


original is from @mashedpotatoes87 ❤️#fy


At no point in time should your significant other put their hands on you point blank period. 


we are not compatible if you don’t feel the same way




He Got Me F*cked Up


Know when the walk away @amandamunromusic


Reply to @adfitng


tough scene all around



Are the siblings🤲🏽 or dating let us know before watching this video 👍🏾


I did naht see this coming


Never talk about these things with Women!🙊


back to the streets la da da da di daaaaaa



Feeding into the "submissive asian girl" stereotype and fetishising wasian babies, putting down their own genes



✨traditional✨ insp cred: @perthtiktokk


And if it’s more than once, you’re a king.


Would you get a vaccine for free money or because of a dating app?


no but really, can I call my mom?


dating advice 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️


Redo from the archives!




Double standards


Okay people:



This is why I’m single


Is dy1ng alone my destiny?



Wish me luck I guess



now go get em champ👍🏻





Did I get this one right?!







What color are they . Eyes up


Reply to @allinadobrovna


with @dear_lovers


Goodmorning! Say it back 😘


Don’t come for my throat this is a joke.



This goes out to the extrovert-introvert couples. Do you have other advice?🌿


Part 7 || She said the right thing, what do you think 🤔 💭 ||


with @juiciestjade2


sorry I've been in Colorado


I know you're just waiting to see me


Bei @villaderliebe_official gehts dann doch etwas einfacher😁 schaut gerne bei @tvnow.de die neue Staffel! |werbung


with @themanicuredmom


Reply to @nocturnal_signal really?! My biggest fears confirmed 😭🥺🤯


Don’t fumble your king and end up with a joker.


I know I’m not the only one who can relate to this!


consent is sexy and you have mine 😘#StyleSnap


posting a fail 🤣 but I'm still cute right?


Reply to @alexbiffert of course


goodmorning! say it back💋


Reply to @intellect_convo thank you for the dialogue.


Dating is science. @gongbao




a draft, but are you?







things can only get beta


Never chance a man.





Answer to @tiktokoutlaw_ How long before an official ?


@Oliviamyers17 do you even hit legs? Smh



Panic mode… 😳 #dating #feelings


Do these and see her lose interest and take you for granted🤝💯


POV dating when your almost 40


Being loyal during the @Eliza Haigh


Say less



Jana had a doozy of a dating story for us!


smh hope is lost


Corporate America deserves my internal Homely Girl


They seeking attention.


"Being nervous is really selfish sometimes"


the one time im praying a video doesn’t blow up


It do be like that


Follow for more :)


Reply to @eldante40 my comments have been a lot nicer recently



to my future boyfriend, i’m sorry 🥺




literaly the cutest thing ever. stitches on btw