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My friend made this 😂


hope u enjoy! 😁


Love this🤤💕


We are back!!#foryou


posting for my zero fans. if this gets on the i’ll make more!#foryou


First Vid




Mention ur crush❤️ jihnu dekh ka dil dhadka da ha😍



dropping hint to your crush like...


Faites des duos 😊


has a crush on you but is too shy to approach you properly


J’ai beaucoup rigolé 😭😂


Je m’affiche d’une force 😭




Your 5th @ has a crush on you! 🤭


Read my bio


Biggest crush 😍



ups ate everything🥺🤤




Ya Allah terindah betul😂


please tell me that Iam not the only one 🥵


exes be b!itches


Reply to @soggywaffle88 day idk, trying to make my crush fall in love w me 😩


whats up bbg😏😏


tag them🥺🥺


de 0 a 10 qual sua nota amor?#omegle


vai perder o vídeo?#omegle


just a reminder🥺


Còn cr của mn bắt đầu bằng chữ gì?


hy vọng rằng ngày nào đó cậu sẽ nhận ra tình cảm của tôi dànhh cho cậu☺🥰



1 v 1 with crush


This is facts


Here’s mine-(🌻-💙-😈-😈-💛-💜-🤤-😈) hbu?


Wenigstens habe ich versucht nicht mit ihm zu flirten 🥲


Tôi vẫn luôn theo dõi cậu😿.




Pa Kiss Nga HAHAHA 😘😂



subscribe to my YouTube link in bio at 1k imma do a give for $50 for 10 ppl


Choose you’re character 🤝



“He’s back from the dead now it’s time to give him head” 😂😂


stop i’m so excited but nervous help what do i do!!


Piénsalo ✨#foryou


triple a = m estremecí 🥴


تعال اخطفني راضية 😔






Dear crush please 🙏manjaona......🥺❤🙈


a little less serious video




Nhẹ nhàng vậy thui


thank you


Tag your crush 😊



𝑁𝑎𝑟𝑢𝑡𝑜 & 𝑠𝑎𝑘𝑢𝑟𝑎❤️


Send this to your crush😂





Répondre à @marialuisaa10 drama


ovviamente, mi dissocio 💁‍♀️


What a stomp! These two lanternflies died right under her foot!


tag that person 👀


I need a haircut ❤️❤️❤️


Balas @anjj7504 udh nnton semuanya blum??


Depois faço um melhor


@ashbashbangz stomped and killed a lanternfly! He died right under her foot!



^^ // 0103 // 👈


any nickname for me 😂😩❤?#ameelalaurene


romba ilicchithe 😂❤!!


Bgm 🌚💙!


tried something different! Ur 2nd @ is in love with you! 😳 | please un-shadowban me! | 🥱


Me desejem boa sorte 😍compartilhem para que viralize antes do aniversário dela por favor.


Reply to @sage..gachaedits 3 is done :) any more?


fr tho 😍😩


il danse bien sah 🤣🤣


Bob a un message a faire passer a ton/ta crush ! 😏




tryna make my face go red asf? LOL year 7 😔


@Lucy✨🌈 stomped and killed a lanternfly! He died right under her foot! Great job 👏🏼❤️



@Beanie candidly and completely unaware crushed this frog under her foot. Did he die yes or no? What do you think?


Suki suki daisuki 🥰 👀


@carrotandcucumbersticks stomped and killed this lanternfly! He died right under her foot! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼 great job girl!


@carrotandcucumbersticks with another kill! He died right under her foot ❤️


@carrotandcucumbersticks stomped and killed another lanternfly! He tried getting away but she chased him to the stairs and stomped him! He died right under her foot 👏🏼 ❤️


@Hope Anne stomped and killed many lanternflies! They all died under her foot!



Crushing 💩😳 What should I crush next? 😁


Crushing 💩😳 What should I crush next? 😁


That’s so cute omg 😭


hi crush 😌#charlidamelio




send this to your crush


J <3




ela não tem noção do quanto ela é linda 🥺❤️


con ustedes la hermosa @lucyyycarman #lu #foryou #fyp #crush #sabe