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Hope everyone is having a good day! Make sure to stay safe and wash your hands!!


Corona out here being a savage but we’re fighting back😤😷


Day 3 of quarantine 🤪


Tanning in March? Yes. 6 feet apart? No.



Met qua?! 🤷‍♂️


Beautiful L.A sunsets!☀️✨🤩


style tips 🤗💕







While already required in wearing a mask 😷 in indoor public spaces becomes mandatory across on July 25.


The US of Se


hands down the best moments of hs


When you get tested for and the doctor knows what’s up


GOE - Work


🙈🙈kitchen time 😅#foryou


Sister love ❤️ ♥️#foryou



This is not Dubai,not New York 🔥🔥#fyp


vaccine wellerman let's gooooo


יצא גרוע ושני נפלה וכמעט שברה את כל השיניים


Got vaccinated for this wknd🥺so lucky to be 1 step closer to normalcy💖#greenscreen


Double masks. It’s not the big drops we’re concerned about!




Bad news for Germany‘s already slow rollout 😬


Sen. Rand Paul asks Dr. Fauci if wearing masks after being vaccinated is “theater.”


Están en lugares abiertos sin cubrebocas? NOPUEDESER😪


I been seeing to many post of kids being left in the car. so here is my plea 🥺


a week later and feel like im relearning how to do everything 🙃




Keep holding people accountable!


Ever wonder how conspiracy theories start?







this shit had me laughing for hours


Ich schwöre ich b0x die 🤩👍🏻




POV: I’m going to a party ❤️






Overheden spelen een leidende rol


Sau khi khỏi bệnh, người mắc còn phải đối mặt với nhiều vấn đề khác nhau, khiến họ tổn thương cả về thể chất và tinh thần#vtv24#vtvdigital


so ist die Realität


tiktok flagged the original


so ist die Realität


Suh balik dia buat-buat tido pulak#quarantine


Thương quá 🥺 Mạnh mẽ lên bé con, con có một người mẹ đầy tự hào, sau này nhất định lớn lên con sẽ hạnh phúc vì điều đó ❤️


It’s as if our immune systems aren’t built to handle every infectious disease




Would you get a vaccine for free money or because of a dating app?


Phạm Văn Chiêu-Gò Vấp. Chúng ta cùng chung tay chống dịch, đẩy lùi dịch bệnh 🇻🇳


Good Morning My Neighbors 😎🤪


Ich will mal eure Meinung zu dem Video wissen.




Big Pharma and Vaccines


so ist die Realität


tal pai tal filha 🙂


Tự hào quá Việt Nam nam ơi🇻🇳


so ist die Realität


mRNA und Spikeprotein, wo und wann?






กรุงเทพฯ ก่อนโควิดระบาด บางทีก็อยากให้บรรยากาศกลับมาเป็นแบบนี้อีก


Sila dengar dan faham Pelan Pemulihan Negara yang diumumkan kerajaan pada 15 Jun 2021 -


with @dustinfresh


Federal Laws & Mandatory Vaccines


Kalau yang dah ambil vaksin , apa pengalaman dan kesan sampingan anda? - Disclaimer: video ini saja nak buat lawak tau!


with @dixiegina1284


More craziness


How vaccine works in 30sec?



اسمعو للي خايفين من التطعيم واهل الاشاعات 👆🏻


Así funciona la vacuna en tu cuerpo



Alle die Geimpfte sooo ….😅




Jom dengar Neko dan kawan kawan nyanyi lagu Geylang si paku geylang -




get ready for heaps of content in the next 3 days…


New testing


so ist die Realität




so ist die Realität


so ist die Realität


Things to eat when you have COVID.


Zombie apocalypse - rabies shots




Reply to @gizmo_and_crow


Tình hình chung, dịch bệnh căng thẳng, cả nước chung tay chống dịch. Việt Nam quyết thắng đại dịch !!! Covid-19


Ya gabisa semua-muanya online kawand 😂. Semangat dan sehat selalu semuanya ❤️❤️❤️


Đến 18h hôm nay(9/7/2021), Việt Nam ghi nhận thêm 1616 ca mắc mới Covid 19..#vtvcabtintuc


Sequels are usually worse than the first ones.


Did the Ontario government predict the 2020 pandemic in 1999?


Mọi người biết vụ gì không ạ? Hóng…


Dr. Anthony Fauci breaks down the COVID-19 booster debate as concerns over the Delta variant rises.


Avec de la chance, il changera d'avis sur la réforme des retraites 😭



Đến 18h hôm nay(15/7/2021), Việt Nam ghi nhận thêm 1889 ca mắc mới Covid 19..#vtvcabtintuc


Race against time



Thousands dead from COVID VACCINE heart attacks!



Không hề tiếp xúc hoặc nói chuyện, chỉ đơn giản là đứng gần nhau vẫn có nguy cơ lây nhiễm 😢


Terima kasih untuk Tim Dokter, Nakes, dan semua para pejuang negatif @wismaatletkmyrn


Staffing shortages around the country effect care!


Full video on YouTube link in bio


with @captaingreybeard17


ok so this isn't working, we need 1 worldwide petition not 20 different ones Time is Running Out



Trick to stay showing as 'online' for work!


We should be afraid.



Urlaub wurde zum Horrortrip


Urlaub wurde zum Horrortrip


It's time to Before It's


COVID-19 patient in Louisiana says he'd opt for hospitalization again over getting the vaccine.


As COVID cases increase, the virus remains dangerous and deadly for those who are unvaccinated.




More and more evidence surfacing


This is so true.


Jom kita semua hormati untuk lawan -


Woi lahh ga ada yg speak up apa gmn sih kasi contoh yang baik dong gimana sih !!


Hiện bệnh viện hồi sức COVID-19 TP. HCM đã thu dung hơn 400 bệnh nhân mắc nặng, đều nhiễm biến thể delta





Pres. implores to get the


with @jerenewc Ask sincere questions if you have them



Alles Gute an euch 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻






Biggest cover ups




Only 5,000 Africans out of 90 million have gotten the vaccine. This video is a couple months old as well.



100000 manifestants à Marseille ! Marée humaine, les flics paniquent bêtement et balancent les lacrimos...


فطيرة صيفية و محشية



6 months later



Vaccine mandates are here Texas, Florida what will you do?


We just need to outlast them


Some German city protests are happening and the police are trying to stop them! Wake up America!!!!


Wow wow wow


so ist die Realität


WH press sec says potential due to would not be as extreme because “too much progress" has been made


kinh khủng lắm rồi mọi người ơi, nên biết sợ mà ở yên trong nhà đi


steht schon kalt.





Biden says state officials who are banning mask mandates and other public health guidelines should "get out of the way."





Time to wake up Australia!



so ist die Realität



The autocorrect is a pain in the ass. It’s mRNA-tastic. Lazy to correct it bye.



with @scitimewithtracy Part 3. Lightning round.


Top 10 nước có số ca nhiễm COVID-19 nhiều nhất thế giới 🌍







NSW target is 10 million does. 80% Population od NSW. Is 24 OCT 2021 will be FREEDOM day ?


This is Dan Stock. Part 1


Dan Stock part 2


First one got deleted. We will try again.


oh no aiutatemi


Find out WHY people are saying what they are saying. @millennialspikelee




What’s really going on? My interpretation of this whole shit-storm.


He warned you.





San Francisco Mayor Breed announced a vaccine mandate that will go into effect Aug. 20 for indoor activities.




Many hospitals in Texas are overwhelmed with unvaccinated COVID patients.



Welcome to “Disease Street” @imseanphilippe @chrisjeanjokes



Rất nhiều người hoang mang trước vacxin Sinopharm của Trung Quốc nhưng tiêm vacxin là trên tinh thần tự nguyện



so ist die Realität



BLCKBX.tv - Jerusalem





so ist die Realität


Đánh nhau tranh nhu yếu phẩm hỗ trợ tại 166 Hào Nam, Đống Đa, Hà Nội


Taliban ban the covid vaccine


Ini ke trend sekarang ? Ha ni frontliner nak join 😂



idk i thought the syringe was pretty funny 💉





so ist die Realität


Merkels Impfabsprache! 😤


Merkels Impfabsprache! 😤


@khalilslife take the video down. None of the info from Sean Brooks is true




Mask……. ONNN !!!! 😷🤣🤣#justforlaughs


here's you


I mean……. 😂



kann mich jemand mitnehmen?


كيف يعمل اللقاح. ===============================#كوفيد_19


كيف يعمل اللقاح. ===============================#كوفيد_19



Hy vọng với những biện pháp cứng rắn đã được áp dụng, sẽ sớm chiến thắng dịch


The “Doctors” of the movement.


so ist die Realität



Lễ Thượng Cờ tại "nóc nhà" Đông Dương.



that’s enough internet for me today


Ni avisarooon🥴


against again




Part 1 der Spiegel TV Reportage


Part 2 der Spiegel TV Reportage


Part 3 der Spiegel TV Reportage


Letzter Part der Spiegel TV Reportage


Just my thoughts….




Stand with us#ShowYourGlow




Nguồn cảm hứng bất tận của cộng đồng photographer Việt Nam …2 nhân vật hot nhất hnay


We wash our hands with that !!!!!📸#bruh


We wash our hands with that !!!!!📸#bruh


Stay safe.


part 2 of Albert's testimony


Thủ tướng nói hay quá


killing in the name of ScIeNcE


The comments are heartbreaking 💔 I am so sorry to anyone who has lost someone.


Probably lose followers over this but zero F’s given! Just do you & be a good human!


with @jacob_rtt they’ve never seen a lady before…


was sagt ihr dazu ? 😳


Finally!! Gesh!!


My bad for shit quality




All I ask is for people to think before they speak!



nhân quyền Mĩ thời Trung khi chống dịch





تقدرو تكتبو الاسم اللي تبون فداكم❤️



This is worst kind of ignorant fear mongering. Do better, John.



Reply to @user75457789


بدون اسم دعواتكم❤️


so ist die Realität



Arbeitslos für Impf&Testververweigerer?🙈 @Bild







Was haltet ihr davon ?


Was haltet ihr davon ?





Kein Lohn für ungeimfpte 😂😂😂


mit @was.sagst.du.dazu_2.0








Ach du sche***


Ist die Entscheidung aufgrund des öffentlichen Drucks entstanden? 👀


Ist die Entscheidung aufgrund des öffentlichen Drucks entstanden? 👀


So etwas hat niemand verdient oder? 😕



Pfizer's COVID pill sharply reduced hospitalizations and deaths among people at high risk of severe illness.



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