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7 days post positive COVID 19 test... so thankful to be feeling a little better!


When you get tested for and the doctor knows what’s up


Day two after COVID vaccine


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Who wants a shot? @claseboys



Double masks. It’s not the big drops we’re concerned about!


Vroom vroom 💨Happy Wednesday !!!



stonks 😶


Le troisième confinement selon Jonathan Cohen 😭🤣


Están en lugares abiertos sin cubrebocas? NOPUEDESER😪


I been seeing to many post of kids being left in the car. so here is my plea 🥺






Taxi driver 🙏😊☺️#lovemusic



embarrassing moment i tell ya 🤭😂


It’s really always some sh!t 😂


tiktok flagged the original


Ik choi vui :))



Suh balik dia buat-buat tido pulak#quarantine




Would you get a vaccine for free money or because of a dating app?


Soon To Be Device to inject New Vaccine. Translates to 666





Big Pharma and Vaccines


Việt Nam cố lên


Faxxxx 😭😭


well it’s been pretty eventful may 😂#fyp


The Claw


Cyber Polygon#conspiracyplot


Abbiamo fatto del nostro meglio, adesso confidiamo nel vostro buon senso e nella campagna vaccinale. The End Terapia Intensiva



Wieder erwischt 😉


Well what you think?



Second dose done, now give me back my life ! 😂



When Freedom Meets Conformity - Anti Mask






What?! It’s true



More Covid crap!


O meu psicológico 📉📉#fy




Mọi người biết vụ gì không ạ? Hóng…



Oxygen level မြင့်တက်စေသော လေ့ကျင့်ခန်း



Voilà pour les questions sur la


အနံ့ပျောက်ရင် ဘာဆေးသောက်ရမလဲ?


Thousands dead from COVID VACCINE heart attacks!



Reply to @nokia.minaj part 4 ✨jamaican gyal ✨


Sad day!


Wait for the end 😂






take our power back


Reply to @pepzz187 ✨ even with your incorrect numbers you’re being pro-vaccine lol ✨


with @blackkout___ conspiracy or obvious? I wouldn’t put it past those conservative shrivs.



Biden said those who contract breakthrough cases are a tiny percentage of those who are fully vaccinated.


More and more evidence surfacing


aktuell aus von Focus








Liberty has Covid and is dying slowly



CBS News went inside a hospital in Jackson, Mississippi, where beds are quickly filling up with COVID patients.



Pour ou contre le vaccin 💉 ?


ABC NEWS SPECIAL REPORT: urges people in areas of high rates to wear indoors.


Get the jab? Get $100!


Pres. implores to get the



Dice Anthony que la de no se ve afectada por la cuando se trata de carga viral 🤷🏻‍♂️




describes toll of working in in We're "losing people...that are never going to see their kids graduate."


Việt Nam quyết tâm chiến thắng đại dịch @kimngoc99_ @nguyenquykhang




We just need to outlast them


WH press sec says potential due to would not be as extreme because “too much progress" has been made


kinh khủng lắm rồi mọi người ơi, nên biết sợ mà ở yên trong nhà đi


Lots of accidents! When are you going to ?!




“You are the ultimate knuckleheads.” Gov. Murphy shouted back at protesters during a press conference on Wednesday.


Time to wake up Australia!


7yrs for that?! What?!!!


No hospital bed for you!



The will require for all service members, with officials saying there is “no reason to wait.”





“take this seriously” *laughs*





He warned you.





with @professor4u


Why would you wanna go there


avec @yoyo_levrais


I ❤️ but you gotta know the rules! From @realmintcomedy @thecomedystorela



Los Angeles anti-vaccine passport rally. Downtown L 🇺🇸❤️



BLCKBX.tv - Jerusalem





Relaying more information


Good job Biden


Sein Blick am Ende 🤫


chief says evidence suggests waning effectiveness of over time, as admin unveils plan for shots.



Câu chiện không biết nên dui hay nên rất dui =)))#onhagiaitri🇻🇳dịch


Tragic really!!





Merkels Impfabsprache! 😤


Merkels Impfabsprache! 😤



gente cuidado com essas pessoas que não tem índole!!!



Mask……. ONNN !!!! 😷🤣🤣#justforlaughs


here's you


with @zachxxx_ do you agree if not why ??


kann mich jemand mitnehmen?





It’s the pushing the cup away at the end for me😂💀




The “Doctors” of the movement.




that’s enough internet for me today


Proof the spike proteins are poisonous. It’s making CIRS patients sick. (maybe?)




Reply to @angelbaby769801 omg what's going on lol


this sound has potential



Curte se vocês querem ver a parte 2 😂😂#vacina


killing in the name of ScIeNcE


My bad for shit quality




United we stand! Divided we fall.









guys i have covid 😔


Witchcraft, Pt. 2 by Kieran The Light!


Since masks aren’t going anywhere…


Arbeitslos für Impf&Testververweigerer?🙈 @Bild


Was sagt ihr dazu? 💉?




Was haltet ihr davon ?


Was haltet ihr davon ?


Kein Lohn für ungeimfpte 😂😂😂


Alles Verschwörung 😡


und so entsteht die Statistik? Schreibt eure Meinung in die Kommentare!!