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Part-1 .. Aaj kese dhoka deti h ,ye dekhne ke liye.Part-2 dekhe


Hot boyfriend check🥵🥰..........#lovemyman @e10_nexthated


♥️ Rab ne Farishta bheja hai meri duwao ko Kabul kar ♥️ @tiktok


Take notes girls hehe😎 @cescolopresti


Wholesome relationships for ur page


2005-2020 That’s Us! ❤️ @divyaharjai @tiktok_india


Did he pass??


Her face at the end, she knows she’s the boss


I think it’s time to quit your job...


Who gave the best massage? 🤣



He doesn’t let me be great 😂


I’ve never seen my boyfriend turn the PlayStation off so fast😁😜🎮#videogame


because everyone thinks we’re siblings...


Glad I checked my DMs 🥰


kinda burnt. 🤓🤓#SUBstepchallenge


one day.....🥺🥰🔒💔


He’s such a catch! 😌🏈


Gotta spoil our mans sometimes tooo ladies! 🙌🏼




@lexcamero This man keeps giving me heart attacks 😍😍😍😍 My lil simp heart can't take it


Just your average Tuesday 🔫




Cómo mantener a un hombre feliz?


Did he make it??🧐💕😂.



he did it!!!! 😊😘


Follow us on YouTube 💕


IM CRYING @josh_herbert



@valoriedixon5 come get your brother holy crap😂😂 @georged_35


Miss him everyday 💔


@__.adam._ you are my forever person!💕 @thecoldestwater



Witnessing their love story was such a treasure.


He closed the door in my face for this 😳#myman


Shooting my shot


please don’t judge...😔 ( song: @lilmiquela ) @isaaccervantes9


i can’t believe this very true story really happened to me. we are blessed. 🥰




My freaking queen lol


watch the glow up :))) @taylorharing1


I did NOT expect that 😭


It’s the a💲💲for me @__.adam._


if you can push up against a 300lb man, you can take out the trash


that’s what makes you ✨bEaUtiFuL✨😌


Il me laisse jamais tranquille ce croûton 🙃😂


Sunsets 🌅


took him forever to put his crocs on 😂#fyp


@ajashadow HE GOT MOVESSSSSS🥶😈🤪


I’m overprotective 🤍🥺//


...since we were 18.....


Trust me you will reap the benefits of a loved wife 😏


공감 연애유형!! 여러분은 티비볼때 어떤유형인가요?? ㅋㅋㅋㅋ#앤조이커플


공감!!연애유형 여러분은 이럴때 어떻게하시나요???ㅋㅋㅋㅋ


His reaction is priceless😂


Just being the best Wife I can be to my amazing Husband 😂


He bit me😳


with @stephfabry I was caught...


HIS REACTION😂😂 @willdevane



I do this stuff to her waaaay to much 😂


My boo is adorable 🥰


He knows exactly what he needs and wants😊Tú que te llevarías??🤪


just trying to clean house


OMG Got Her Again


goodbye world 👋🏼🪦


Who said romance is dead?




She got up and attacked me at the end😂#fypシ





Sunday mood 🤍



:Quand l’amour semble impossible..💔L’amour n’a pas de sexe,d’âge,de religion ni de couleur. Alors COMMENTE UN 🤍


Écrit une chose que tu feras toujours même à 50ans ! 🤭


C’était juste un sandwich 🥪😭


follow for more!! 🌙🌙


Now I’m stumbled 😳


Could u do an LDR?❤️🥺 @highkeyalina


Who remembers our pool vids?!💕 @willdevane




@willdevane ❤️


It’s the time a boy becomes a man


Tag someone who needs to hear this 💗 #4u


She actually looks so sad 🥺😅


I think I broke my husband?? 👁👄👁


That escalated quickly 😂


Who could that be? Every man😝?


Our Eid look! I know I’m very late. Lol


It’s written all over my face 😬



Changing the narrative 🥺❤️ are you ready to do this?




No 🧢


Gaming & Girlfriend


The first one scared me 😅


AQUELE PLOT TWIST! Ainda me ama @djenyferarnold ?


J’aimerais pas être à sa place😅


Instructions not clear


Schreibt gerne Eure Lieblingsstellen in die Kommis ❤️☺️👍 In sta:


Spoiled with this beautiful sunset 💛


That’s all:)


Fit check



Oh hey 😍 @therealromeoo



SIGHHHHHHH maybe next time


If you can’t sleep..


this would be me


I felt that one...


Couples that Cosplay together, Stay together ❤ @lavengard


Ladies Appreciate your Hard Working Man🥰🥰🥰


ගොඩක් අය request කරපු song එකක් 🖤😍


Always appreciate your Mans 👍🏼❤️.



Money > Everything


His reaction was everything😍😍


His reaction was everything😍😍




my sub



He loved it!




get ready for the hate comments 🤠🤠🤠



Love it



My phone fell 🙂


this better be us in 40 years:




Esta cagadismo este trend 😂❤️ @roslynmorrison // IG: Francisco__montano ✨


This was the hardest decision I ever had to make😩




ميا خليفه حامل ❤️😜😁😁😁☺️#fyp


WAIT FOR THE END 😂 @regalnoise


Hello 😎#couple


Hello 😎#couple


✨ Kann mir jemand sagen wieso er sauer auf mich ist ? Ich sage ja nur wie es ist 😂❤️ ✨


💔 خلاص بتعتبر ما عاد الك شي


It’s like a tornado in there 🌪 😂 @amanialzubi


Omg I love your face & soul ❤️😂 @surviving_myownmind





True love is hard to find but it happens ❤️





Life the best live with you ❤️


He ain’t wrong 😂