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Имате ли такива “само приятели”?🤫 @marshmellomusic


i look so ugly sorry


Boys don’t let your girl go out without pants


My girlfriend is so needy 😂


Somos de monterrey🥴🥵


POV of someone who made eye contact with a guy and his crazy gf 🥴🤪


Bet my boyfriend won’t swear around me again😭🎂💀


I saw this trend & decided to try it.. his reaction 😂


My simp






I Love When He Put Me In Check 🥵😍🔥@cozywitthecurls


Yo VS mi novio😡 / @gonzagoette


gaining AMEX travel points while working >>> working!! register for the free live presentation in my bio


..................... 🤣🤣🤣


Category: tiktok couple 😂@ohgustoh only tiktok fans knows our story 🤣






IM CRYING @josh_herbert


@valoriedixon5 come get your brother holy crap😂😂 @georged_35


New trend!! Have a YES DAY


She almost broke the computer 😅


Dev’s face the whole video = 👁👄👁 🥺😔 (he got 20 nuggets after dont worry lol) @devenchris IB: @kyhanpeppers


Why they like this? 🙄


Damn he left the house 😫😫




What would you have done? 😮#fyp


I did NOT expect that 😭


send this to your Mickey to your Minnie❤️


She’s too easy to mess with.


Reply to @wagdog34 Secret to success


I’m allergic to dogs 🥺 @bren_lunn


Spa Day 5 @noeminikita


I’m overprotective 🤍🥺//


when he’s not being a good boy😂😭 ic @leslienaustin


Halal Relationships❤️


Peep Lexie lookin cute in the beginning


Y ahoraaa?? 🔥


Just being the best Wife I can be to my amazing Husband 😂


Did anybody see where it went at the end?


I Love U ❤️ 🥰




Hop hop 🔥🔥



I do this stuff to her waaaay to much 😂


My boo is adorable 🥰


Be sure to wear this bracelet with the person you like, it will attract each other once you get close#mlkday


Donde están??? 🤭


THE END OMG!! Just wanted to see my girl ❤️🥺


She got me good 😳


it’s late bc i kept forgetting to post, but here’s my bf’s valentine gift :) reaction at the end !!


Todos pecadores 🙈🙈🔥



Do u like Bamboo's new outfit? 🐼🐼🐼


My wife be like PART II


Uy que tremenda!!🙊🙈


we turn anything into a date at this point 😭


Waiting is beautiful 🙏🏻❤️


goodbye world 👋🏼🪦


You wish that was u huh pt 10😭


I mean, I do love food and attention....







Sunday mood 🤍




Who do you believe?



Astronaut Couple Necklace Bracelet


We are very distraught.


:Quand l’amour semble impossible..💔L’amour n’a pas de sexe,d’âge,de religion ni de couleur. Alors COMMENTE UN 🤍


She looked so round😂 @andrea.lopez44 (following next 100 people on IG)


Ahaha elle se repose


ILY♥️@meags59 ♥️#fyp


tawa ka pa dj ah 🤣


Saving my girlfriend


Ist mir nicht passiert, aber stellt euch das mal vor 👀


True facts 💍#simp


C’était juste un sandwich 🥪😭


Now I’m stumbled 😳





Could u do an LDR?❤️🥺 @highkeyalina




The way he looked at me 🤌


@🖤TOMINA🖤 님과 좋은 정보다...


아내를 위한 운동법


I love my girlfriend @annaliiiise




Follow @lennox_mtl



He farts more😂 @willdevane




She was not having it! 🤣😭


le pire, c’est que ça marche😱


She loves my cuddles🥺


Go get you one ! @octopusmate @britneyy.official


I think I broke my husband?? 👁👄👁


vlog gourmand 😳🥐


What’s my petty level at? ib: @brentandmir


That escalated quickly 😂


I love her so much 🤯!


Who could that be? Every man😝?


My lil baby 🥰#FühlDichZuhause


Our Eid look! I know I’m very late. Lol


I love you baby 🦋 @nicksantonastasso





guess who’s back? 🖤🤍 @elena.stojcevski


LESGOO WE ARE BACK 😍 Lajk za jos BTS-a ❤️ insta: @arsaovde @elena.stojcevski


QUEEN & CLARENCE 🥺❤️ @queennaija @clarence.nyc


Summer goal unlocked: being fed 🤌


Tag your bf/gf if they’re guilty😂


accurate HAHA


@them and if u don’t got anyone @ ur 6 @


Magnetic necklace, perfect gift for u and her❤️#fryp


Oh hell nawwww 🤬🤬


He was surprised alright


i’ll never get over this beauty 🥺😭


아무리 화내도 귀여워💕


Tag that special person in your life ❤️




Pt. 2 ✨


@밍싱기🔆 님과 드디어 뽀뽀 성공...?!💋




AQUELE PLOT TWIST! Ainda me ama @djenyferarnold ?


Wake up like this ? 🤩


J’aimerais pas être à sa place😅


stop i’m so excited but nervous help what do i do!!


Je devais vous l’avouer mais c’est pas un truc de fou, voilà mes enfants sont @orlane.brgs et @ethan_berrebi_


conver normal entre Sakura et Sasuke



@밍싱기🔆 님과


His gag made me gag 🤢


I didn’t know I had multiple personalities when I drink 🤣 @aileenchristineee


it’s us forever.💞🤞🏾#4lyfer


실패의 원인은 둘 중에 누구인가요...?😂


여친 몸무게 지킴이👼


Bro Fr my friends making me look bad in front of her


이렇게 묶어놔야 정신차리지


🐯 and 🐟


여친을 위해 다 해주는 남친❤️


Relationship Facts 👫💞#fy


pls laugh


SIGHHHHHHH maybe next time


I swear she’ll have five conversations in one sentence


Her Biggest Fan🥰


forever a hot girl


If you can’t sleep..




⚠️ Ceux qui mettent en photo de profil sa tête à la fin je vous respecte mdr


this would be me


I can’t believe he got me my dream ring😍😭 full video on YT- Tricia & Kam




utilise ce son


Not how I thought it was going to go 😅





Il va me manquer 🥺💘💘#bf


Just move on sis… He’s Taken😍 @mosaffari


Naja bis aufs Ende hatte ich eigentlich alles richtig 😂🙊 [lnsta: coupleontour]








Why was she happy tho 🥲 @britneyy.official


He wanted to record our last dance before he moved:(…



C’est pénible 🥲







my sub


Since I’m 17🤍


me and you 🖤


Someone tell him to calm down pls


We don’t belong to u keep it pushing😂#foryou


with @ri.roman Could we?😢😢


Folgt gerne auf IG


Boys lmk what I’ve missed





Just imagine for a moment...


Danse de qualité


dah lah mengkangen🥺


Sohniya ve tera mera peyar🖤👑♥️🧿🔐#babydoll07



Reply to @garthrivers Green Punch is now extinct 🤣💚 @maliahblake


He can never leave my 🍑 alone 😂


MY BF SURE LIKES IT💞 @blondthreat 😈💕





This isn’t funny...that was the last in the world bro 🤣🧡 @maliahblake



Send this to a person you really like!! 😊


Best reaction I’ve gotten from her 😂 @carmendalila01


My Latina wife spoke tagalog at jollibee!




with @annaxlems Did my boyfriend understand the assignment? 🤦🏻‍♀️ What do I guys think? 😂




🙏Vous en pensez quoi ?





Cuando mi chico quiere explotar otras partes 😅 @milostyleoficial


À chaque coeur brisé, une solution 😂 INSTA : ALVINBTPS


Book in this aesthetic: Sea of Memories by Fiona Valpey


Did he really just give me sas at the end 😭🤚🏻 @gnb.official








What's her sign?


Real men call them chocolate chippies😤







Après 2 mois sans ce voir 🥺❤️#bf


Reply to @cruzz_061 Secured the bag


A bên cạnh kiểu"Chắc hai đứa t tàn hình🤣"



Anfangsbuchstabe von eurem Crush/Partner?🥰


@ [email protected]_2_pr3tty




Boys lmk what I’ve missed 🙏🏽




une relation comme sa ou rien ✨🤝


Tag .....👀🤍😁


Tag .....👀🤍😁


Tag .....👀🤍😁


send this to THAT person or tag them!! @keenante


He’s the sweetest omg🥺


we r back permanently ☺️


WAIT FOR THE END 😂 @regalnoise


ادا : شيريف سييييزززز 😂😂🙈




ganto ba yun? 🤣


কথা দিলাম কলিজা❤️🥀,#truelove


Désolé c’était plus fort que moi 😂 insta : Alvinbtps / caroline_sncal



4 kafi hai bhaiiiii😅🤣


4 kafi hai bhaiiiii😅🤣


this took a while 😅 /


non mais sérieux ! pour une fois que j'arrive à filmer ce genre de truc...



It’s like a tornado in there 🌪 😂 @amanialzubi


V v sleepy


I Said Yes 💍


Wem gehts genau so? 🤣❤️ liebe es einfach zu kuscheln 😁❤️ IG: giasmina.liebt da gibts Giulias Halloween Outfit zu sehen 🥺😍



my bestie's pov



mention na dali 🥺❤️#fyp





That crystal tho 🤩


That crystal tho 🤩


♥️👆LIKE & PARTAGE si tu valides


Korean parents are not okay with foreign girls?






@baltejvirk2003 love u baby 💕


@baltejvirk2003 i even asked him NOT to hit my face 😭 this was our second take cause he hit it the first time 😭😭




THE END 😭❤️ @regalnoise IB: @Rosie and Harry


to ease ur racing thoughts :)


:) <3


Boys take notes 📝 🤷🏽‍♂️ @anxvids


Nyc love story




true romance




Bruh really did this….#fyp


Was macht er da 😅 am Ende 😂🤣 #couple #comedу #tampon #reaction #prank #viral #trending #fy #4u #beziehung #lachflash #coupleprank #foryou #fyp #fun



i’m looking for him too lol



So wird dein 2022 kein Zufall ‼️ (3/3)


He ain’t wrong 😂


I love when she does this🥺