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Today’s video was basically endorsed by mum..cheers mum




We tried @kendralynn95




Girls in Garage Again


I tried, I nearly broke my good ankle.. I gave up 😂😂






Cotton Eye Joe Dance @christinasanson



She wanted to do this challenge haha


Oh I got dizzy there 😂 @queenshelbylynn1


Wäre das auch erledigt 😂


Second round in uncle hanks garage haha




First try! I had to change out of the birks into my brother in laws boots😂




Good ol’ Cotton Eyed Joe





Bien du plaisir 😅


I tried.. lol


What else do you do during lockdown?




We are so proud 🥲 @kileycurrier



Cotton eyed joe FAIL! 🤦🏼‍♀️😂




Hilarious! 😆




Not enough people got izzies at lunch


Just Yes....


Cotton Eye Joe



Tuesday scaries? I don’t know her.


Take 2: Marcella crushes it


Take me outta lockdown and back with the girls


When the niece has to finish the tiktok 🤣🤣 @jasmine_football


@jattakorhonen ☔️


Saturday nights be like....


FAIL !! 🤣


@thesaint_j @leahrobyn6



Country Rebel’s one and only Anna Dowley CRUSHING




Ok then @fulcherboyzmayhem


Cotton Eye Joe Can Crush




Apple crown, Newport’s and MERICA


Good lord 😂😂 First try wasn't bad... I will get better at this 😅 Had to hold the girls 🥴


Get some bahahahhaha 🤣💀


4th of July fun.



Can’t believe I made it!the couple beers helped 😂💥


This didn’t go as planned🤣#momsoftiktok


This is how we roll in the country.!!


lmfao we saved these all night for this such a fail


Boom part 2 😛





Redneck garage dance challenge 🤪😅






challenge!! Line up all your cans & duet this video with your version 🤠 @thriveandbealive



I should’ve drank a couple more 😂😂










I’m not a regular mom, I’m a cool mom



Redone !in time this time 🎉 😂


hows my form?


Fail!!! But fun!!!



Quarantine activities




Bet you can’t do better. 🤣




Cotton eye Verity at Clean Kitchen Camden 😂😂


A lot of beers were consumed for the making of this video @ryansmitty35


Breaking in the new tarmac 😎💕


I'm embarrassing, but never pass up a good challenge from friends.






🤣🤣 @mikalahsa


Oh man😂 first try!#PrimeDayShowPJParty


TRY THIS! Your legs will just know what to do 😂




When you and your main girls get together and pull some red neck shit…



All in a days work…cheers to Saturday and a pool day with the family!


I tried 🤷🏼‍♀️




What a fail think I had one to many lmao 🤣




traditional can smashing's not as fun


I had one shot, these are all my cans.. @sarahmoonbeam8


Crush before you infinitely ♻️


@beccarosex You Crushed it! (If you’ll pardon the pun!)#crushedit


@whitneyjanewinter @tashajade50



@Lukas Tre


Celý měsíc jsme doma sbírali plechovky😃


spaß muss sein 🤣🤣🤣🤣



Your girl @shawnyivieallred living her best life on our


We did that shit!! @mikedelgado939 @eryda21






She Tried 🤪😆😆☠️





So much fun. lol.


This video is sponsored by my moms Diet Pepsi 😂



Just a stompin 🤪


-#lifeisgooddance @msusino94 @sarahsusino





She has a lot things about her, rhythm is not one…