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She was so confused lol


Hit the woah


I feel so pretty


best part of my day 🥰



Darla the corgi 💛 She’s 11 weeks


Does anyone else have this problem?#fyp


just spreading the love ❤


Nellie montage~ (she is only 4 months and a pembroke welsh corgi) ✨|


Here he comes (ig: corgichon)


Distract with cute corgi, receive free drinks




Happy 1st birthday to our baby Bootsy 🎂


ขอโทษครับ อย่าโกรธกันเลย


short dog problems 😂😂


Rise and grind.


Bathing my floofy potato for the first time 🥺🥔


Hey SF.


Wait for Tayto disapproval of the scoot at the end 😂


found a new hiding place 😂



mommy found a new hiding spot... 😂😂



It’s magic.


Brutally honest corgi siblings Q&A



Dog in tennis balls heaven! Posting results next 🎾


Wait for it 😂



When I learn a trick, I use it when I need



Short leg problems 🙈


Somebody come get heerrrrrr


We all got that friend .... “Bacon”



Bath time


Thank you to all of our 300K friends!


Love Story




when I thought my corgi puppy wouldn’t be too crazy...


Part 3 Dad Tricks



Teaching puppy to leave crate takes patience


😭 @betch


its been a rough couple of weeks for this pup, but he’s excited for wheelchair training!



Corgi PP




he's not done doing yoga...


Doby is getting better at skateboarding!





Взяли звук у автора, но он очень хорошо описывает наши чувства ❤️ Лимон тоже наша большая любовь 🥰


I have so much power now.



Always watching



True love is hard to find but it happens ❤️