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This one might get me cancelled but I had to say it.


Pt 2. Gender @therepublicanhypehouse


The gender pay gap hype is 💵🥱


Believe all women? 🤔


because tik tok is a cyberbully


Focusing on the important stuff 👌🏻


We need generations that honor instead of dishonor


We need to be talking about this. We need to be protecting our children.


It’s the Democratic way or the highway. So vote red in November.




Can they take a joke though?



... just saying. follow my insta in my bio!


Equality is good, but that’s not what y’all want 😅


Teach men to be men!


u cant change my mind🤷🏼‍♀️


Our Navy is 💯


When being pro-life is seen as the evil side, you know there’s something wrong.


with @brocode1.0


Justice for Jaxon


Yes, I said pretty.


my take on the "pick me" label


Stop glorifying unhealthy lifestyles in order to stay woke.


all I see is signs😈


I said what I said.



Got my account back but I still think this point is relevant @siennamae #ZodiacSign



facts. #trump


This is how you sound


Follow me on Instagram @ livinglifelikealex because I don’t know how much longer my account will be up on here 🙃


Reply to @yourfavseasonn honestly why does this movement even exist LOL


I say no to modern day feminism.


Don’t project.


so thankful to be here, u should be too. Or leave.


@americanblondie 💗


with @stevetapas


lol 😂😂


@0whoisme0 thank u for this inspiration.


with @maysunbaby My red flags


When you ASSUME.....


Duets are on 😈


with @victoriahammett there’s a part 3 to this ignorance








with @idavemoore no joke - literally every sounds exactly like this


We are not the same and it’s a shame.


with @debra.lea literally tho😄


Tired of these gun leftists reducing my tragedy to a talking point


Reply to @thepinkscare


Reply to @samielynnex



with @tank.sinatra




with @cbsnews come on yall. Use big brains that you have.


I found the Liberal theme song! 🤣


I live in a different state, but I hope she becomes Cali’s governor!


just satire, it's a joke! 😎#america


They’re rarer than a happy lib 😩


If this offends you...





embarrassing moment i tell ya 🤭😂


This is me.


They deleted this off my main account because I guess telling people to stay out of my business is offensive.


Make it make sense


Follow my Twitter / Insta for more facts and logic 🤯🤯



SAVAGE! 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼


Just cause you make bad choices in men doesn’t make all bad


The part of Demi Lovato’s coming out that no one is talking about.



I like military ads that look like Top Gun, not Disney



Reply to @justbored106


Am Israel Chai 🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 🎥 @glattkosher



Reply to @marineeetremblay



Reply to @howeitworks


Why are the pink hats letting this happen?


Tell me I’m wrong…


with @superstar_stephaniee Abortion is wrong.



more like a hypocrite, but sociopath works too✌️


Reply to @jkirksey0727







it really do be like that sometimes 😕








Previously banned this is my account now







with @loonysky I said what I said 🤷🏻‍♀️


Reply to @thepaleoguy



Reply to @ferg_mullen


I am not responsible for your feelings.



third wave feminism is a disease.


I hate TikTok#FordMaverick



What?! It’s true


Bring back anti porn feminism!!!!


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like girl-


Had to let them know



If you weren’t there...STFU!


Top 3 reasons to go to a rally...


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Wake up babes



Ben Shapiro on Transgenderism. Thoughts?👇🏼


Critical THINKING vs Critical THEORY. 🥸


Pay very close attention to what I’m saying.


Reply to @pilaramador5 invalid statement


The time for talk is over


Tucker stays telling the truth Follow the Instagram!


The “bad mom” phase is over girlie. Pack it up go raise your children


Research hydro cremation and bio sludge 😳😳#nope





Don’t come for my throat this is a joke.







Look at that robot walk! 🤖


This is nuts!


We’re gonna make it one day, time will tell.


if this, then that





These are my people!


We just need to outlast them


This songs been in my head all day now


childcare baby!!!! 🍼




Fauci admitted the jab is not fully approved or licensed @dankwicked @conservativeant @notkoonkano



with @anniekabannie Modern-day feminism is garbage.


He warned you.





@therealtina40 speaking outside of in


Welcome to Communism!


The double standard has never been more obvious.





What’s up with that? 🤨📸


America has lost her way.







A Trans-Vaccinated Person. Thank you for the emotional support



Linksjugend = Lost


this sound has potential






Reply to @ty202110



Never thought I’d agree with you. 👏🏽


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