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Cupcakes are still cake 🎂🤷🏻‍♀️🥴


I literally can’t


hiding in the school bathroom and channeling bianca stratford




😝 #ConjuringHorror #TeamUSATryout #fyp #foryou


yall im going to be doing my finals today so i won’t be doing any requests today!


another attempt




🔫Pew Pew Pew🔫🔥



old trend but had to do it lmao 💗💜 @piperrockellebby @symonneharrisonofficial


Skynet is now activated 🤖


Go bad b


this challenge is so cute



When you don’t wanna get outta the pool but mom bribes you🍟😑....


Every girl feels this way I’m sure of it lol




new romper 💋


Unfortunate day



Nothing’s perfect here😅



Sorry I gotta send you away in this portal...it’s not personal just the job


Fit from the other day😁 😧😧



when’s your birthday?



nowhere near their level💀


bro the end 😳






This is modern feminism talking ✨😍


Reply to @muggynugget im almost done with my final project 😩


my rooms dirty IK



Pure evil 🤌🏽 video




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in my apple bottom jeans 😗


Everything hurts🥵🥵 how do you treat a sunburn


Black is my fave 🖤 what color of outfit you like the most?


you better listen to him or else


Wearin the igirl sleeves!! Making an outfit vid for them later❤️#fyp #ConjuringHorror


I know I messed up lol





Amazing SHEIN haul!


INTO THE THICC OF IT!!! 🥸 Dc: @reydelosjotos


A baddieeee


Let’s interact, I’ll try to respond to everyone!






For the boys ✊🏽 tiktok muted it last time 😒




prom baby 🦋✨ @sherrihillofficial


Heard yall needed some good vibes . Send this to a baddie



Ooof wait this is harder than it look


little late to the sound but i was vibing😎


I think I may hit 50k followers today and that is just crazy!!! 🤯🤯


Do your bestie really know you👀? Lets find out🤪


What are the words lol


what sobering up for the gym looks like


best trend ever😉



I do it anyways bc im a simp


got baptized today


no one


anotha one from the drafts 😳


kinda obsessed with this dress


kinda obsessed with this dress



Worth it. 0 F in bio!







am l cute 🥰


Did l jump right?brother



Sorry if this is graphic but i can’t be alone..it’s genuinely my biggest fear


happy birthday


i still can’t post on my main 💔😭 twitter : arose078


it’s true it’s true


Yes that’s my own tweet.


ruff ruff 🐶 couldda went harder dc: @konnorkelly 🤩


jk I do


I’m back b


So sus??


Real skin is beautiful skin


the vibes👌🏼



Reply to @marineeetremblay




I literally made my OWN halter top 😂 its holding the girls good though


I filmed this on 1%


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Im a joke bye 😂



Tag DC


you’re very welcome





“Girl, f*ck you. 😐





promise not to stress me ✨


Reply to @howeitworks






Reply to @givemeprimogemss






apply through the link in my bio!!


This song just ...






literally what is this trend lol




how are y’all doing?#HoldMyMilk


bro the end


Super excited for number 8. We are watching is chronological order.


I miss you steak fingers <3








I had to live through this nightmare everyday of the 5 month lockdown 🤪






hi it's#PerfectAsWeAre



Plz don’t ban me for this😭😭


Oopsies my lipstick😔



in the 🌅


Ignore the fact that I look lost I was thinking 😂