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I am not ready to start college also what was my hair doing at the end 😂




Save me


if ur gonna be a hoe, at least be smart 🥳


pov: we lock eyes at a party and i think you’re cute


name someone more disgusting than @tinakindvall


The truth


Ever wonder what it’s like being a freshman in college and become friends with 5 seniors? HAHAHAHAH


Tiktok please stop deleting this


Let’s hope life goes back to normal sometime soon🤍


CEO of lettin' er rip.


my school is so pretty🤧 @lsu


the truth comes out💀 Trauma makes you funnier right? Thanks for 90k!!



i don’t understand dis but i look like a muppet


Another day in my life (:


@kennahdeeznuts got me feeling some way


✨college✨ @abbyflemming @ellesarracco @jessimessiiii


It’s the energy for me.


POV: The book worm notices you


I love Rack Room with it.




The amount of times I have had this convo.


Trying this again


Love a bathroom tik tok


This dance is not for me.


duet with your own tips!! commenting on duets!


Pov: the bookworm getting ready to go out


These are all direct quotes


with @izassassin first day back to school😓#chain


Niaa Dennis killed it !


Leave a comment if you like it.


Reply to @azhar576 If you see this on the fyp comment “Barcode”.#excel


Im alive but im dead


Me when my ex ever tried to tell me what to do in


It’s almost 2am. I should sleep.



REPOST!! everyone deserves to hear this message by Sister Cindy


College is a scam, and we all went along with it


Day one of trying to pay off our debt continued


And that’s on online school


I’ll help them look for valuables


highly recommend !!! @shelbs094 @morganboldt4


Règle n*12 du code des bros 🤝


This is a joke 🥴


How to make money in school 📚


Follow me for more tips on how to save money 🤑


Get shrekt 🥴#dayinmylife


like how do y'all decide which letters to use?


last day of school everrrrrrrrr


3 Websites to Pass School!


Total amount paid so far in the last clip 🥵


grab somebody



yes, i was cold ha ha ha


😭 accurate




I only had it once dont worry


columbia people think they went to the cool Ivy but I just realized I forgot to mention Columbia which says it all.


Iraqi Military College


guessing a harvard student’s gpa


Who else can relate? 😅#lawstudent


and that’s on making a hard decision last minute. sko buffs


Like can I have my freedom now 🙄#viral


MEDIA DAY🥵 @serenachoii


And that’s on having inconsistent covid tests ;) 🥰


Reply to @chillyhang Po got back to me with the zoom recording of the full review session 😚🥔 @ryantball @#umich


with @katiefeeneyy COLLEGE TIP Never leave your clothes in the dryer unattended.


go watch MOVE IN VLOG on my YT channel 😚❣️


anyone else just not prepared or just me?💀


my everything hub 💙⌨️ link in bio to get it for free!


real ones for that but since y’all liked the last oneeee<3


moved in🥰


first day of college yall (:


Missing home with my bestie right about now


I can’t do this dance


right back in the bed


brunch with girlssss


For my CUNY kids


End my suffering


MY THERAPIST IS ON VACATION SOS send feet memes 😔😏#school


Well shit.


Changer la sonnerie de son lycée#pourtoi


Random vids from our ftf class 🤍


@elyse.steingraeber I give you permission to shit on me for this


hyping myself up between morning classes



1 day till GAMEDAY…who’s excited 🥰❤️


Imma get my 3 points one way or another


رواتب المجموعة الطبية part 3


The real Flex❤️#fyp




Do you think a college degree is worth it⁉️


i love 9ams


i love 9ams


5am workouts>🥰🤩


that grade was from last year btw




Making this tiktok instead of doing homework



(that’s my brother in the end)



It’s NOT what it looks like 🏳️‍🌈





best day of my college life tbh


That’s so me🌚


That’s so me🌚


When you're in a hurry


Reply to @oninegiri



flew 2000 miles back to california to surprise these idiots like why do i even try 🙄 @ohm._.p @hydar__shmara @husain.is.insane


impersonating my German roommate. (she approved all of this) love her the MOST


cyclohexane says hello from the chair conformation.


I rlly do be acting like I’m failing




the one time im praying a video doesn’t blow up






Reply to @eldante40 my comments have been a lot nicer recently


Reply to @user7578639773356 been hearing this since sixth grade 🤡 #fitcheck #foryou #college


the only dance I’m capable of doing apparently but some of y’all like these so here ya go #fitcheck #foryou #college #draft


entering the software job market, pt. 2


Last day of classes tomorrow 🤪 #fitcheck #foryou #college


the most degenerate and cringe thing i have ever seen


quick #fitcheck for y’all #foryou #unc #college


a moment for the dress 🤩 #fitcheck #foryou #college #cashapp13plus