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they rly do tho😩😩


Sleepover’s are either good or bad😭


Afghanistan right now, this video is from almost 2 hours ago.


Reply to @mlm_mobius ⚠️sorta spicy⚠️ gay#mobiussupremacy


Who is this?



Almost a year ago from today to now


from the main



consent is sexy and you have mine 😘#StyleSnap


posting a fail 🤣 but I'm still cute right?




It be like that lol


Wish I had apple bottle jeans 🍎


I just want to apologize. #StyleSnap #CODAduets #PerfectMarcJacobs


Seriously just order a small


with @treisdada


For me?🥲







This is to a very specific audience



So who wanna do this with me?🥱#colorcustomizer


creds to @sqaxz_


Not gone lie!





i was obsessed with this song when it was trending on musically 😭#fypシ


Disgusting dishes and sink clean 1/3 🤢🧽


Disgusting sink clean 🧽🧼 2/3


Disgusting sink clean 3/3 🧼 sorry it was set on 15secs but it was so clean and shiny after


sorry I just got new lulus and don’t know how to act


This sound 😩#fyp




Whos around


When U can post again 😎



Get into it yuh


Get into it yuh


i’ll redo it when u look better lmfaoo //


a rare occasion




i genuinely can not stop watching tik toks with this audio





Reply to @alexbiffert of course



with @phillipmuse795 @chosinveteran_official @carla.hicks01 @jmom82 @bigtankrugani2


get it batchiz


just a lil fit check


Reply to @ftyme6801 just showing off my new pants.


Reply to @ftyme6801 just showing off my new pants.


Closest thing to perfection 💖#throwback



The way this lady say taki😭😂anyways enjoy me being✨fat✨#🏳️‍🌈


i’m a virgin tho 4L


on the first try


check the technique🥴



I couldn't play 😔#EatFreshRefresh


he makes this game a lot more tolerable



⭐️ You’re a Star ⭐️#youreastar


goodmorning! say it back💋


Just cuz I felt hot



what did doja put into this song? dc: @davidvooo @not.sorry.ab.it @livynliklarry


pants i am making do u like


POV:You’re Mordacai


with @nate_lifts



come swimming w me


We’ll have the situation handled😈


14 baes💋💋 @hculp86


Still cute thoo 💗


Ponytail today 🥰




hi 😀





Don’t mind me just taken out the trash 😂


I don’t need your sympathy speech 🙂




I do not know if I did this dance right but we tried haha



Reply to @balx00 😂


when you combine both of your fav trends //




Like hello!!!!


This song hits different 😂



Came across this song the other day and had to make a TikTok to it 🔥#fyp


STAWPPP @dausmendoza_ scapped old one pf: @e1em4nt


Reply to @radiowave_ A LIL sloppy cuz I was rushing but nonetheless 🤣


It’s football season who’s your favorite team?