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Any Christians on here?👀#repost


dc: my bestie @makaylalinn7 !! love a good hype Christian song 🥵😇



Olla’s Freshest Granola!


Invest in God❤️


If men have no say or choice on the matter, they can leave and be absent fathers?


God over everything


with @thisisntmyfault


I CHOOSE abstinence!






One year today(1/11/20)


Loves Me!


God is not like a dictator


to fear God is to be immune to all other terrors


my usual approach to studying the


NT part 30. an introduction to 🕯️#fyp


NT part 31. is the result of a choice AFTER we fail to please God 🕯️


NT part 32. the Mosaic Law strengthened guilt in order to create humility and a hunger for mercy 🕯️


NT part 34. Jesus has the promise of the House of Israel and Judah personally. EVERYONE else must enter by him alone


NT part 37. Jesus Christ calls out the lying Pharisees for BREAKING the 5th Commandment due to tradition!


NT part 39. Jesus is the only Son of Man who did not deserve to die. So he reminds of the 5th commandant


I'm sure people will still ignore the idea and cry about the word trinity but I don't care


Guys don’t let the devil trick you be aware


NT part 46. the giant asteroids that sent to destroy that region are aimed at the adulteress, Babylon! 😳


Reply to @ljhopkins777 NT part 48. the Law was meant to point to an age where it would no longer be needed


part 1. Oh what a romantic and unlikely tale! It MUST be right??


part 2. a test hoax was used before they rolled out the DSS the same way, using all the same gimmicks


Reply to @samwilliams028 great question. I find the temple analogy works best for my understanding.


NT part 50. Both grace and works are part of the larger system of the 🕯️


Reply to @yourfavseasonn honestly why does this movement even exist LOL


NT part 53. weak Christians try impose their restrictions, holy days, and rules on those who know better


Reply to @ednaappiah8 NT part 54. good question about what it means to become stronger as a 🕯️


Reply to @user3719058421807 Jesus says he has a kingdom in the present tense, but it's not of this world.


NT part 57. The is within you. If you don't believe it, maybe you aren't part of it 🕯️


Waiting is beautiful 🙏🏻❤️






Let him come home and play with the kids!



A message for my kings out there.


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The coolest gift to give your kids!




early morning hour prayers


i said it.


Amen preacher is John Gray


This is me.




Nasty Demonic Game!


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Comment if u loyal😁💍.


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love y’all


... I agree with him 💯


Pesan utk anak muda🤍


The Number of Man Formula


& that’s on falling absolutely in love w God & seeking Hin wholeheartedly 🤍#jesussaves


it’s the worst thing to happen to women



1:27 A.M. // Someone out there needs to hear this 🥺








Will you let Jesus come into your life and lead u this night🤍🤍


third wave feminism is a disease.


"For by grace you have been saved through faith"❤️


Bring back anti porn feminism!!!!


Bless the Lord O my soul


Pastor Anderson puts Dr#ZakirNaik to sleep (#Islam Exposed) |


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Let me tell you about my Jesus! ♥️


pretty telling ngl#religion#jewish


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The time I need.


Testify God's love and faithfulness!,❤️#gospel






New World 🌎 Order


Answer to @westonmahar I hope this help.


God works through us.


Proof the spike proteins are poisonous. It’s making CIRS patients sick. (maybe?)


The Truth Will Set You Free





Witchcraft, Pt. 2 by Kieran The Light!