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Mes remerciements à Touki mon bébé



Omg i'm so Werd


Best day evers... Sike


Be strange @victop879


Et toi crois tu au monde d'Harry potier 😹😹


@sam_rouleau (😹😹)


Musical'ly avec Ana ma p'tite soeur 😹😻😹


Touki ne voulai pas collaborer 😹


Voici comment faire le avec un Ipad 😹 @victop879


Si j'étais un gars 😹 (C pas si pire 😹) @victop879


Bonjour je m'appelle Jams, j'ai 17 ans @victop879



Demon 😹😹😹 @victop879


Allez-vous Abonnés A Ma Bonne Amie @katoukat.lol Elle avais hônte de moi en classe 😂😂😅😂


J'ai peur de moi même 😹


Qui a vue les jokes de papa ? @katoukat.lol


Qui aimerais avoir ce cahier ? 😂😏😎 @katoukat.lol


MERCI Beaucoup pour les 4000 Fan 😻😻 @katoukat.lol


Qui déteste avoir c période? MOI!!! @victop879 @amy_malette


Qui a des airpods? @victop879


J'ai pas pu m'empêcher de rire 😂 @victop879


J'aime trop ce son 😹😹❤️ @victop879


Comment je fait ma coloration @victop879


Si j'étais père.... 😳 @victop879


Qui est célibataire? @victop879


😹😹😹 @victop879 @sauterelle_2.0


C bien d'avoir des bien matériels, mais ya d'autre chose d'important aussi 😁


happy birthday to me 🥳



Girls night!!!


The slowest growing tik tok page on tik tok✌🏼


Kis kis di sheli lgi fr jhaj chdenn😂✈️


🤍🥰 follow me on IG!



In the club: how girls exit are the bathroom when their song comes on


I can change my tune real quick if it would mean a sponsorship


me siga


i was gonna tell you after you asked the 27265th time 🙄


“stop babe i’m trying to tik tok”


When Newfie’s have a nice day.. you day drink outside 💕💕


fun in the sun 🍉


Bucket List Check: Canoeing @ Lake Moraine ✔️




Millwoods Gang coming thru😉😂#millwoods


the moment u fell in love wid urself🥰#aisadekhanahi


Another version


Yes, I speak French



Guys I didn’t know 😭🍆


Janana zama 💕💕


Maserati 🤍



Daunte is a Happy Pupper !!


Meet Daunte--caught in the act !!


Daunte playing a little pool cover hockey


Redheads are more fun


So weird


My most successful video on Instagram.


insta- beckynoonan 😌 say hi to me🥺


I did this wrong 😑 oh well


Part 3 ✨


I had to do itttt🙊


Its Friday Fuckas!


So pretty




What about you




peep my shortz


this sound 😭😍


Literally obsessed over this show





🤍 take a guess




follow my tik tok finsta <3 @popcornchickenfromkfc


Donny is getting out of hand


“Harvest” spoon ring off to Edmonton!


When @narcitycanada features you! Thank you so much! 🥰🤍


what would yours look like? 👀


just woke up from my nap so happy now




Based off real events in my life😇


Literally my fave music😩🥰


soap dispenser#usa



new born hair clipper#hairclipper


good knife##gadgetstouse




smart gadget#gadgetstouse



Got you😏😉👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼👍🏼





love you lil buddy❤️


This was in 2017! Pre Covid :)


Perfect spot for a paddle ✨ ft/ @samanthalreid


Not a dancer but the vibe is still 🤌🏽All my other non dancers duet me and catch the vibe!


The Claw


Happiest outside 🥰 reposting cos the sound got deleted


Would you wake up at 5 am for this view?


We found tropical waters in the mountains 😍 ft/ @samanthalreid


Nearly fell in making this 😅


Summer adventures are on my mind 🥰 ft/ @mddyelrck


Oops I did it 🇨🇦


with @dixiegina1284


what are your thoughts 💭 about zombies


Perfect mountain mornings 🥰


We Need to Take a Stand against and


Cotton eye sus @patientprincess


🕊️R.I.P We will never forget your sacrifice for our freedom today🕊️


My Combos !!! 😜♥️#fyp






Did the Ontario government predict the 2020 pandemic in 1999?


My kind of 5-star hotel 🥰 ft/ @mddyelrck


Backcountry bliss 🏕


Legit heard this comment from a person who exists.


Workin on some new music ! What do you think ?! 💖


Wishing I was back here 🥰


Good morning 💖😘






More days like this 😍


pretty accurate




things that might only kinda make sense in canada maybe



it’s a joke


Would you camp here? 🏕 ft/ @mddyelrck


stitch with @me_pria The one border you don’t want to mess with. 😅


childcare baby!!!! 🍼


Much respect for our neighbors up North 🇨🇦


Answer to @renaulttrafic2017


When you and your main girls get together and pull some red neck shit…







Military Fails🥶


Clearing up the confusion behind Confusion Corner in Winnipeg


no Leighbor being done on leighbor day at WLU… 2021-2022 year here we come





if 🇨🇦 Public Health was Honest


with @leethebeacon haha missed 2 cans 😂😂🤣#tiktokmom 🇨🇦


I RLY CAN’T💀💀💀😭 It’s the thought that counts💖🙏 Follow for Gay News🏳️‍🌈


Can’t get enough of this gem 😍


Places bigger than us 🥰


All gold everything 🍁


All gold everything 🍁✨ ft/ @wzylouisey


Get ready for fall spam 🍁


I miss places I’ve never been & people I’m yet to meet ✨




Backyard goals 😍


Happy Dante !!


Twerk ♥️ -


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