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Say whatcha want about me! 😚#videocall


savage 😩😩#fyp


who wants to b quarantined with us @ralphieswurld #videocall


y’all i’m so self conscious in this but like this is my mom







i simply think this trend is too cute!!


okay this one is fun


pov: mom forces me to window tan instead of going outside🤑🤑🤑


💘👑 Quarantine Thingz @csengeforstner !!!


My mom regrets joining in 😂


who knew painting shapes would take so long🥺


It’s been a tanning type of day and I forced her to film this w me hehe:)


doesn’t mean forced. Just a different way of meeting someone.


I can’t stop doing this dance💁‍♀️😍


my makeup is running


I got yelled at for my bottoms


Duet this w ur mom we wanna see!


this dance is pure serotonin


This is crazy 🤯 💀 @brookefrye1


Should I do a prt 3 to my workout routine? (top: @rocknrags)


can u tell i drank too much coffee#gamingszn


Corona out here being a savage but we’re fighting back😤😷


Yessss drop them now!!! @whoiisliaa


my heart went 🦋❤️


A family that burps 🥰 @burbz.jpg


My dogs love going for a boat ride to see their friend Franklin