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its fine. im fine :)


No boys til you’re 30!!!


Lightsaber machine broke


Take notes girls hehe😎 @cescolopresti


name someone with better hip movements. 😈



peep the castor oil lol but frfr i need answers




Maradhutu Pona Ponna Kuda Love Pannuvaga ❤💯


It's on tonight 👊


Don’t like u that much homie 😇


The boys really do have power to make this viral 🙌


that’s the tea 🥴




Having a crush physically pains me.


Asyik lelaki je nk perempuan pendek..giliran kitaorang pulak🙊


i look like crack


Natural curly hair, not those perms🤢


Happy birthday pops! We love you!


I guess we’ll never know...


they hit different


Sad Boy



Lovelry.co to buy this 2 piece magnetic heart necklace!


theyllllllll get ya 😂😊🥲



What better way to start over than a moodboard from some of my favourite shoots?




Answer to @yaboisiya Girls VS Boys. (Epic BATTLE)



Ame el final⚘❄💙🥇#adamsk8theinfinity


Please let me know in the comment 📝#foryou






with the juice inna cup🤣




s/out to my guy friends for all the advice😄🤣


It’s all about ✨PERSPECTIVE✨ 🤣 @kairocalvitto


Reply to @annaazailaa please stop asking me


Reply to @nicolassantiago136 Boys VS Girls. (Ultimate BATTLE)







Yeah right what were you doing lol


My lil baby 🥰#FühlDichZuhause


Dont take it too serious...


Komm Baby ich zeig dir die Welt


ROAD TO 400K👑❤️#fypシ


Full Service Game hopped on the Trend



the guy🥶#fyp


I’m on the edge with *vomit*



Que Les Parece ? 👋🤪


with @eastsidelive1040 on me😭


Duet and spread awareness! They wanna send victims to jail..🤦‍♂️



Am I right boys?


give up👍🏽#fypp


Link insta in bio😝


Kathal Sonna kaname


Link insta in bio🔥



Link insta in bio🩸


Joking 🤪



Link insta in bio🔥



thang was thangin


Link insta in bio😝


link insta in bio😈


Just checking up on everyone see if everyone is ok


We have been well trained for this moment!




Boys lmk what I’ve missed


New post on insta😈


Link insta in bio😈


Link insta in bio😈



The things we do for them😐






It’s a different day for everyone





😂😂😂 @joangel_19


This is real deep


top 10 saddest songs 😔



sus voces ahh


Boys lmk what I’ve missed 🙏🏽


with @elizabethintheory Like if this applies to you boys


things can only get beta



like huh😭😭😭


ngl they're kinda sus🤨 [ ]


ngl they're kinda sus🤨 [ ]


with @jacob_rtt they’ve never seen a lady before…


Still editing🥲


They weak ash ngl….


Me checking to see if they say me



Spiderman leakt trailer


Finde das einfach unnormal attraktiv <3#fyp



Ja ich weiß nicht alle finden das so Oke


love you guys so much ❤️




Lets confuse them Nobody got hurt or Damaged everything is Protected and Fine No Hate speech no Danger no Violation No Hate Speech everything is Staged, these are Real Actors and Stuntmans , Just Legal Activitiess




🎸平凡人破音就是噪音 😂


🤌🏻漫畫裡的霸道總裁 心動不?



🐶需要保護的 請留言




He said this one is better


🏀冬天來了 需要點溫暖


🏹這叫童顏 還是 少年感


🎉OMG 這是傳說中的仙境嗎❤️‍🔥


This is great😂 Credit: @johnmarcvanwyk3







❌Nobody got hurt everything is Protected no Danger no Violation everything is Staged and Fake❌


Der Fakt dass er es genau deswegen ausgenutzt hat BYEE💀💀anyways ein guter Tag um fett zu sein