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😂😂😂anyone else ?




Имате ли такива “само приятели”?🤫 @marshmellomusic


Hot boyfriend check




i was gonna tell you after you asked the 27265th time 🙄


Bet my boyfriend won’t swear around me again😭🎂💀






he got SO EXCITED to be a princess 🥺 too bad he’s a


Bf material ✨ #relationship


Who gave the best massage? 🤣


He caught on quicker than I thought 😂😂 @man_behind_the_telly


He felt that one 😂😂 @ace_up_his_sleeve2


My simp


How long does it last?


@ all the Karen’s, family members, and boys on Bumble!!


Boyfriend reveal 😘


When he says he wouldn’t be with you if you looked like a bug LOL



Plis jangan liat sampek akhir ntar ga bisa tidur😭❤️




armys third wheeling like 👁👄👁


Let’s go to Vegas! This is my fave song rn


he did it!!!! 😊😘


He must love me



did he pass?


Back, back, back again‼️


if this flops I'll be so sad. 😓


@__.adam._ you are my forever person!💕 @thecoldestwater


Part 13


As much as I love surprises, I also love surprising hihi ❤️


Dev’s face the whole video = 👁👄👁 🥺😔 (he got 20 nuggets after dont worry lol) @devenchris IB: @kyhanpeppers


Guys I didn’t know 😭🍆


Literally every time .


Did I cry making this.... yes


✨ accompany me and my boyfriend from 2017 to 2020✨


Il me laisse jamais tranquille ce croûton 🙃😂


Sunsets 🌅


Took my man out on a date tonight!


My wittle simp 🥺 @blakebacevich


Our paragraphs story...💞


When I say I peed myself watching this I did!!


I Love U ❤️ 🥰




Biggest crush 😍


an iconic duo imo


go find your significant other right now & try this I’m serious😂



Ahhhhhh ❤️❤️❤️#fyp




Calculate how much I spent overall 😩



Reply to @sandra_casados HUGE THANKS to everyone who offered their sons and friends to be my 💙 ㅋㅋㅋ





Es würde uns freuen, wenn ihr mitmachen würdet. :)#whatsappgruppe


waktu yang sia sia bukan🚶‍♀️




Based off real events in my life😇


shady friends


me anytime a girl goes up into the dj booth






Reply to @annaazailaa please stop asking me




I love you baby 🦋 @nicksantonastasso


Tag your bf/gf if they’re guilty😂


He plays too much 🙄


Zou jij het accepteren?😮


I love you @alecthegteat


and they expect NOTHING from me



Oops 🤭


pls laugh


Her Biggest Fan🥰


@whitebrim 🥰 -


Just move on sis… He’s Taken😍 @mosaffari


if he wanted to he would💗


pulling my hand away to see what he does lol




Tell me what you want..




Tag ur boyfriend&girlfriend🥺❤️#love




Reply to @_gwynthe sunoo ver <3


Reply to @jungmemo77


What in the stepford wife😂


😇Check our page for more quotes😇




wtf was that 😂


get ready for the hate comments 🤠🤠🤠




The show cracks me up every time! 🤣🤣


Does your partner really love you ?🤣




the boring stage of a relationship


don't grow up too fast @jacamita🥺#iravillafuerte


getcho ass on🙄


Don't Ask Me Out Original Song Duet With My Boyfriend Marshall


Girlfriend scares boyfriend 😲#prank


Morning wrinkles 💋


Korean parents are not okay with foreign girls?


Let’s see if TikTok takes it down when I seen the same exact video up just other ppl!!?


Part 2?




to ease ur racing thoughts :)


timbers = shivered





I rly want a bf tho 🥴