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this is embarrassing


Who wants to play this game with me? 🤷🏽‍♂️😅🤣





I am going to be posting my old tiktoks pt.2


Get me out this house !!!!


When you get bored so you dress up as if your going to an event 🤔🤷🏽‍♀️ Who else loves this outfit xxx


Hot boyfriend check



birthday tik tok 🤪


Who else spends all their money on food?!?!😂🙋🏻‍♀️


I don’t know what this is


i have legit looked up how to twerk but i just can’t


Imagine that..



can you tell I’m bored


Now I’m really bullshitting😂🤷🏽‍♀️ SOMEONE DO A REACTION💯‼️



Duet me and show me yours






Leopard Makeup look to match this sound 🙈


Brought to you by Flaming Hot Cheetos™️ and milk (lactose intolerant)


don’t worry i’m deleting this soon


@mikeylapreziosi snap-lexihaag8


You can tell I’m over this being the only thing I post that gets attention😤


Idk why I did this but yeah


me going to get a glass of limeade ✌🏽😋



I’m so bored


Hindi kaya, walng makapitan 😂🥺


dying the sounds name lmao




im going to die one day, and so are you. u do u.#fyp


My sister ‘studying ‘ in the background


Snow day tings


mental health awareness ✨


Love me some riri #ItWasntMe



Love when my comes home @zamby






Heh mqzam na kostenurka✌️#foodwehate





Working My Parttime


And that’s on quarantine and ✨respect✨




Reply to @heavyhittaz2021 🕺🏽🕺🏽say less


Nag ppractice lang po maging nail artist HAHAHAHAH


haven’t posted in a minute


Pretty sure I’m shadow banned :/








this was so bad bye






drafts until I sober up😭





well it’s been pretty eventful may 😂#fyp




😂😂😂 I tried


I wanna fuk slow w lights on 😩😩😩#اكسبلور




i tried. to many drinks


i kissed a girl n i liked it 💋💋#feminism





they rly understood the assignment




Honestly just like the high rise look posting on of tn link in bio


glow ups only 😇 r


Yes 😩☝🏻


bathroom toks


🍤 season coming up 😮‍💨


I need a wife ☹️😭


On s’ennuie jamais ! 🔥


Smack the wig off, 😭👋🏾



I didn't know what to do lol.


hey guys!


In a hotel until I get utilities 😁#dojacat


Baby K On The Way ! 🧸💖





I’m on TikTok


no tengo nada que hacer perdón






🍑 😍


BORED! Knee surgery SUCKS!


living life yk 🤣🍃💋


وش فيه اشياء بعد تخليني ما أذاكر


Dum dee dum 🌊 #Bored #BoredInThePool