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when you find out girls love red flags...


an ode to my button ups. i miss wearing you


day 3 of trying to reach gay tiktok hello n i love u if ur reading this ☺️


hi 🥺🥺🥺


Whack bro


I love you!!


my cousin is way better at this than i am



I look SO unimpressed. Where’s the CHARISMA anyway here we are




2 year difference 🥶🥶


doing the wap dance except i’m not flexible dc: @besperon




Why am I so bad at these like why am I even posting this hophotxcyzgxicihpydifyzudysigi 🤡




Wanted to try the trend😁#DoPacSun


And yet I’ll settle for guys who look like zoo animals 😭 hopefully I’ll turn gay




why i like woman


Don’t judge me, Ik I suck at dancing😂




& thats on braces & geo tongue ✨ 👅 #mouth


COVID who?


Happy transformation tuesday💋🎄 only 3 days till christmas💋🎄


draft today🤩😚#BRIDGERTON


wait 4 it pls




just btw people😚🥰#fyp


look at the rings i made ahhhh🤩🤪#Welcome2021


messy hair kinda day🙃💀#DailyVlog




i got chick-fil-a again🥰😋#InLove


Much needed haircut;)


like uu🤍🐇#fypシ


small world🙃✨#fypシ




as meee😚🤩#fyp




fall in luv wit me🤍#fyp


zooom in😋#fyp


all urs🤩😚#fyp


new tights<3#fyp


skirt&fishnets bbs<3#fyp


back in wyoming🥶💀#fyp


Happy transformation Tuesday ✨


I promise 🥺


Subliminal messages


True story. Believe it or not but this conversation got crazier after this


Repost me cuz it flopped and I wanna make people smile


Sorry mom...


10 year old me.


what if we made trending 😳


why do i feel like this? (pode postar, lumena?)


really I’m such a good kitty


Reply to @avirgowithissues.dv what’s your label? w/ sound




sometimes I get stuck in a loop of watching myself do something hot and I think that's narsacism but oh well


pretty please? I post everyday!


dc: @trem4ine i was dumb and lost all my drafts 🥲#lgbt


2am thoughts 💭


maybe I'll practice this song with headphones😂


“That was hot 🔥” bugs bunny 🐰 hihi


Anathawan shhhhhh 🤫 Mi Cielito saw it first 🤭


oh hi 🖤


Happy transformation tuesday💋



why does it feel common calling it the entrance?😱


Reply to @bnena1233 let’s get one thing straight, I am not. 😂


POV: u hooked up w/ Wanda-


Wanda is jealous...again... ib:@movieaddictedx


The amount of people that ask me too is wild





I’m picky with my women


Reply to @amacintire2020 as you wish! may have cost me tho!


Let me know!!


Reply to @sadsoftboi._ thx soo much for 200k. BTW it was 40 outside so 🥶.


الرد على @twic.9 طف الاغاني




Guidelines homophobic if they mess with me


Nasty 🙄🙄


I felt cringe saying kitten haha😅#fyp




hi 👋🏽💜


i’m so fucking stupid


pov: u live in a world where a song tells you who your soulmate is


just a reminder🥺




My tan lines are so bad 😭


(18+) sends a thirst trap to 🤎


Neue Haare


I'm still into you💜🖤


gawd I’m so hot 🤩


Vinted haul part 1 lol


Andere Haarfarbe finde die Mega


for the girls only


Back to regularly scheduled thirst traps


It’s casual :/


Reply to @username0987654433 here you go


Reply to @thelegitboss1230 a little colder then excepted thx for 1/4 M


Not with Jim


Colorado to Cali


Real skin is beautiful skin



im so excited to travel with these bad boys


never getting over her 😩


This is mt biggest fear.


it’s so holy and beautiful


Btw that’s why I’m barely posting hahah


I hate this so much


Who’s a mama’s boy?



Love this trend


we're gonna ignore the fact that I'm bi for a sec-




We’re gonna try this again without the hate😒I’m 🌈happy leave me alone 🙌🏾


with @vidken



happy pride everyone is my girlfriend now


join the rhea cult 👹


I love this dance


Shakira Shakira


I love this dance


I f ur mom lol


stop taking my shit down im covered up


trying to reach my communities!


ill be damned




bring all your girlfriends.


Socks on or off for this one? 



true story




comment ur bday and try to find ur twin





add my snap! (ahesse49)


Meine Augen matchen einfach mit dem Pulli



these were 3 for $7 from walmart, 10/10 comfy, pair with shorts or boxers for super comfy ☁️


bedhead sucks.


hey bruh’s



Can't believe he caught me🏳️‍🌈


Reply to @rebelissa last time i did this haha


Eu sou a própria velha da lancha


Baby this grown folk business 🤧


Radiant evolution. 🏳️‍🌈


but I’m actually right in the middle 😈😂


Ironic 🤔




i broke a nail just after this😐#fyp


i just wanna kisth all the pretty girl in the world


Don’t intend to 😂🥳 ///


kesha is my wife😩#UltaSkinTok


hi women.






took until 20 to accept it hahaha



It be like that sometimes


Hasta YO podría enamorarme de mi 🤭


this is NOT about my dad by the way


And that's not even a lie


Dumb bunny




eto na guys, inalis ko na si Jennie haha.


It needs work but I love it


Idk what this was lol



This video gives me wholesome vibes uwu❤️ [#redhair ]



I have enough for both of us dw



til I die 🪦


happy 5 month🍓


Reply to @shawn_vi_wolf stage one: denial



i got a new swim suit at the rip curl outlet the other day 💃 anyways


If they’re the right person you don’t even worry about losing them..


voice reveal, ty guys for the support!!


he does have bi wife energy tho.






Me desejem boa sorte 😍compartilhem para que viralize antes do aniversário dela por favor.


heres bisexual because i saw a few requests for it:) what flag next?


Really hope this gets on a cute girl’s


Moustache magician — a moustacian


@justmindyabusiness is my girl


A little lie that traps you


A little lie that traps you


I know I’m not the only one ✨🤍


From the back I guess💀


go lang, sirain mo buhay ko


Like okayyyy don’t gotta ask meee 😂


Which one would you pick?


Wanna be my besti friend?


with @lil_devil89 mas nada


hehehehe ilysm baby😋❤ @sanweeei


헤헷 D-3


Sorry boys


Reply to @jrez91 like this?




i guess you could say i swing both ways...


And it’s hard




LGBTQ+ memes 😎🏳️‍🌈



Girls in mini skirts 👀


im technically nonbinary but I’ll misgender myself for the bit. Please reuse this audio.


Now I’m on my knees for different reasons 🧎‍♂️



Reply to @fuckvlex


Happy birthday To me


@mexy_fufu antworten @mexify


No importa el género😳 #bi #parati #fyp #latina