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Not so scary at all 😂😂


very tiny newborns and they were so cold 🥺 so far they are doing great 🤞 dm for info to directly donate to vet


Pop Shake Twerk sc:@marlodamartian



goats n swings


Just minding my own.. Last night was a 🎢 , to say the least.. @hutch.daddys.boss


with @bredman_


Reply to @bryantmurray3


Shorty does not. Shorty will not.


Since we won’t see eachother for a bit to make any more tik toks prob 😂😅 @jamieesullivan


last days of school activities


gym fit check



new back tat!! @_connergray




Reply to @.tiktok563 biker shorts




with @pleatedprincess Over 20 pounds makes a HUGE difference!






bout to go ahead and make this a series too while we’re at it


“She hates it here” @chrisboudens


Insane military defense system. Wait till the end.


Hey 😁


🥴 @kaylynn045






I got to make content with my waifu @rusty.fawkes eeee


rip Beau❤️



lol yea


😈Sink Clean😈


birthdays in 2 days😁😁


should I go to sleep 🥲 dedicated to @bts_official_bighit


gurl gang back 🔥🔥🔥 @wish @wilkingsister @maylovespink


this song slaps






just jokes lol


This doesn’t need a caption


And that’s the story of my life 🙁🙁


Whew, the trolls have been on one this past week.🌝



Take 1



I do not have knees like Megan😂




Where’s the lie


if you’re from my school, leave 😍


maybe i’ll get bored of these soon, for ur sake




Yuh imma messy eater


so fckin happy



It’s always a pattern



no shame :)


Reply to @xavier_will097




please blow this up


if ykyk


Sorry guys, these lyrics hit hard w/ my past


Y'all... I had to😂😭




hi puddin


bringing this back


Reply to @cleaningasmr64 Loved this request! So pretty 🥰


hi it's#PerfectAsWeAre



hi honey


Shake dat 🍑 Love this dance 🔥💪🏽


Vine Energy🍦



yay or nay


Don’t mind me. Just love getting drunk and attempting to make tiktoks😂🍻


Just a old unused video cause I was to lazy to do a new one for it 😅#PerfectAsWeAre


Two pretty best friends! @the_other_charli






if you see your man in this video.... no you don’t. (@jaylenebrime @papo2k @smoothmal_ )




Petty Babymamas Be Like🥴#fyyp




One product is really all you need. But we all love using a hundred.😂




He’s a much better dancer than me @the_other_charli







lowkey killed the wave at the end ngl 🌊 (dc @davonte.casa)


Reply to @definitely_not_lisha 💖💜💙


this is honestly the best thing I have made




fake åss bff check🤨


💙 💕 @munchie.michelle


“i don’t give a flying shit about among us kaz 😐‼️”


Threw a geeks vs athletes themed kickback, can you get which one I am? 🤓


“Everyone knows I sh*t”🥴🥴#PerfectAsWeAre @heyjustmia


Big Steppa


Showing love


Excuse the 2 broken nails I just did that


what color is my shirt? (wrong answers only)


with @opal.n.friends


Who’s a mama’s boy?







Follow my ig - kgcrownofficial💜



post leg pump




Travel thru space and time with me at zoom speed ♥️


with @gavinmagnus ❤️



Travel with me thru space and time (pt 2) ♥️


The thickeest 🤪🤪😂💪🏾


Always catching you guys being too cute


Idk how to feel about this trend lol





Mediterranean Diet


Thick BIG* bitch😅


Okay last Sam vid for now!






Reply to @paulaareyes_ foamy request pt 1/2🧼


foamy request pt 2/2🧼


Messy room vibes 😇


It’s my birthday 😇


Please sir, can I have sum more? 🥺🙏🏻


I guess we’ll never know


Beach and pizza day!


almost lost my life and laughed ab it





lake day 🤑


love yourself babes#DADMOVES


who wants to be my camera man?? 😜 welcome back!!


it’s my bdayy


Rawr xD



Let the stain be great! 🤣🤣😭


Had two soccer games today and now my hair is messed up


with @angelgmzz Booty Review 2


Putting on for the BBW’S


Ass fat







Please tag *him*... 🤣



dating advice 🤣🤷🏽‍♀️




😭😭😭 The jugggssss#DADMOVES



skirts w bikinis are the new wave







Reply to @leowireless1


can u tell i like the color green


Good gym day


I wanted to see too


If this doesn’t go viral I’m quitting TikTok




Bets on how long?


Take it from an expert 😉


I can never stop buying them!! 😅


we are [email protected]


yea Idek what’s happening


Just some expert advise 😏😈



Reply to @dakidfrm26 THE ORIGINAL


Target run ‼️ c-link for a huge shopping spree! 😽💗❕⚡️💸


@ms_blaque credit


This is why I don’t need to be in the house by myself🤣🤣🤣


You can kiss this natural fat ass 🤣🤣🤣#supersized




Reply to @dbhands


the sky matches my pants 🌈


who's ready to learn 😏


my office is a mess 😭




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