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The whole family! who can see the babies? ❤️🦁


don’t b mad at me#TheReplay


People were staring at me while I was making this so I laughed the whole time haha


Follow if you think I’m cute 🥺


Follow if you think I’m cute!


Papillons are actually incredibly intelligent. Don’t let his pretty face fool you!


Carrots go!


The more you know.


Wait for it.



Try this with your dog and tag me! I wanna see how they do!


I love you human!


The ultimate boop🐶


M6 n’a qu’à bien se tenir !



Dey fink I’m dangewous? 🥺😢




Check my videos on YT and IG!❤❤


The best alarm clock 😅🐶 (@kenzo.kim)


Cruising through Bali with the squad 🐶 (@doyoutravel)









If I don't move, he won't see me 🐕 @tadhgfleming




Reply to @that_toon_buffoon578


The purest thing you’ll see today 😭 @theparrotlady




Time to open up an only paws 🐾 account🤣#doglover


Answer to @gaychelray I got him for $20 on craiglist


Sound up! Muskrat Won - RJ, Zero! 😂


Happy Anniversary to Ashley and DeAvin from Squishy and all of her chipmunk friends


Frankie’s been expecting you🤌 credit: @Timothy Avedikian &Peter Quill



My oldest chipmunk and my heart Grandpa Mooshy, he is five years old


4 of my 22 chipmunk village, fill the cheeks please


Super dog 🐕


Wait for it…#dog


Who else was rooting for the bird? 😩🐦😳 (IG: @isaacgrillis)


He’s grounded.


mau denger sasha manja? 😅


Yay or nay? Leopard print. “Rawr” 🐾 😂


Happy Halloween from Squishy and all of her chipmunk friends, Fill the cheeks