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(1/2) all green toilet clean 😁💚


(2/2) this is HORRIBLE quality I’m sorry 🙃 gn y’all 😴


Lari lari Lá 🎶


take ya mornin p00ps and slay the day🤌🏽


Since I don’t post often here on outfit details @nastygal from head to toe 💙


Heheback at it



two people asked if i was dead yesterday. I AM NOT DEAD.


then vs now


POV:I miss what we had




tag dccc 🍒


time flies bro





My views were low so here you go


I got the independent part down but I want all the attention!!!!




was my combo better??




Feeling this vibe 💙 🦋 @nastygal


Did I do it right? 😅


follow me when you see it ;)


A lesson on sexualities


What next?


Goodnight tiktok!💕





The face of hard work & being out of shape 🤪




When it’s time to head to the gym...🤭


Ahhhhhh ❤️❤️❤️#fyp


Purr purr


my first one shouldn’t have been removed



There’s no purpose for this video but let’s see if Tik tok takes this one down too



why is the panning so hard // please comment ac, and ib |



with @godfatheroftiktok


The BEST kind of wife 💁🏻‍♀️.


Sweet like candy



I apologize for using this sound


we back boysssss!! 🍑


this is my party trick @ghost._.22


Answer to @maximumwhites do you guys like socks or no socks?


Lol so do y’all like this or no?


no socks :)


don’t love how I look here but anyway thank you for 171k! you guys rock:)








I missed dancing on tiktok


Not on my block tho but your block fasho


just having fun 😉keep the rude comments to yourself .



I love floor scrubbing 😅❤️






they took down my other one but i have a backup 😜


Lock it 🔒


another boat day to get more burnt :)


Edwina’s got them Sugars! Follow me on Instagram and message me!!


ayo fit check


he does this all the time it’s so funny


Some people wanted a part 2 so here


Reply to @mrshowtimeg


@sumsumm00 were valid


look at this wonderful draft from December


Clean socks for days😩


it ain’t basic


Lmaooooo “ok I’m sorry”


fun fact, LOVE back scratches!! everyone was ignoring this guy 4 the monkeys, so I loved on him


You call my name and I lose my brain


Adjusting a patient with severe scoliosis❗️#fyp


How I did🥴?




Chile anyways so


lil late to the trend


Mama is ready for summer.


Thick thighs & blue skies🤍




True story



prob gonna delete this


mmmmm? shrek is love, shrek is life ☺️


Art lol


poor dababy


Opening day!⛳️🤍


Idk 🤷‍♀️


im the alpha


Shes so funny😭


always love yourself first😌💞 IG: theeprincessnat💕


Tysm @javy.coffee @javy.coffee_collab for this microdose coffee!




Tag em!😜 vc: @cedrick660


the other one got removed lol IG: theeprincessnat💕




Lipton ? Nooooo




[email protected]



Let your homeboy hit it 👀🥵


Hey 🥺


✨ your loss ✨






Laughing at you or me?


Don’t even comment about the curtains thanks



How to make money in school 📚



Have you ever seen him?😳


What’s your favourite thing about summer?


hi 👋🏽💜


Luka got moves tho


Reply to @ttoosterhof12 Please put some other country’s then Netherland