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I love this audio idc <3🥰’


okay im done now gn 🤧



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good morning ❤️


good morning ❤️



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what else is there to do while getting gas???


what else is there to do while getting gas???


pov: ppl call you a h*e just bc you pull your underwear up lmao


What trend would you like to see me do?👀 ✨Click that +✨


San Diego reality tvshow episode 1 @pattyweingartner


i love this fit






To ligma or not to ligma, that’s the question




sorry im not dat good at shakin it 🥺😭💔


Stop. Scowling.


I stay getting in trouble 😡


I ordered a bunch of stuff from shein should I do a haul?





i got burned


It’s my 27th birthday! ft. @nanasapothecary




Thank that man above we still cool @meechiiegang__




@lilnasx you see this deleted scene yet ?


idk 😑







On our way @torirosss




spring break 😎


Everybodys fav 🖤



This is a test run, can you guys see the captions? 👀


Which is your fav? 🧐




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another song I can't get out of my head.


for real though 😟




Baby can I slide??🧛🏿‍♀️🕷#JustAddBriskZero


I’m back💜



should i go live?


My baby


Beach dayyyy 😋


“Hunny men are usually people too..”


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i don’t like this trend lmao



Y’all wanna see my evil twin 😘😈


literally twins 💕#JustAddBriskZero


Taylor’s version hits harder when you’re doing mentally ill sh!t


guys they removed the sound to this 💔 they got tired of me probably lmao //


Sometimes it takes a couple tries :P


I’m cold


thank you guys so much for 20k!!


Damn I’m spamming


i could take you there 💅


i’m bored 😫


These Minnesota Boys Are So Slept On🎵🔥 @tone_steezrecords 🖤


I just woke up from a nap 😚


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Stay 💕


this is a joke, ❄️’s took it down the first time


Dr B you really are the realest in the game nothing but respect






if you got nothin nice to say don’t say it at all😘


My moms better then urs😂❤️😘#blowthisup


All females can relate


booty club


POV: you’re Michelle and I’m holding you hostage😂 


It’s been doing this for like 10 minutes what— @trashmouth_kokissi


Please post


Just seeing if this will work


with @saleenwallace I said what I said ☺️


Good morning


Call me




Answer to @user32156894269 I Don’t get it .. HELP






hi hi!! #JustAddBriskZero


holi :3



Had an encounter with Julio’s son today




Who has more in shock... mom or dad?


Shit hurts




Stream Billie Jean🧍🏾‍♀️.#DSWCutLoose


When the girls pull up ❤️


I’m shadow-banned 😗😔


since tik tok took it down the first 3 times


since tik tok took it down the first 3 times